Ten Tips for Nurturing Leads

How do we define a lead? It is someone who has expressed any kind of interest in potentially buying any services or products available for sale from your business. Here is how the link looks like if you pass everything through a funnel with the wide side being on the higher side: Leads>Prospects>Customers. You will always be having more leads than prospects and prospects will be higher in number than customers. The main purpose of online marketing can be summed up: Qualify a lead after getting it, transform these leads in to prospects and then convert these prospects into buyers.

And this can be achieved if you nurture your leads right from the start. There are quite of a number of ways to do this. As a start, you can follow these 10 most important lead nurturing tips  and then scale up from there.

1. Have a goal – What is your goal? Do you want to increase sales, want people to download trial of your products, educate your prospects or there is something else that you want to accomplish. Be clear about your intentions right from the start so that you may be able to create a lead nurturing campaign which fits well with your overall goal well.

2. Keep editing – The content that will be read by your leads should be checked again and again for clarity, grammar and format. Because the information and promotional material you will be sending them will be representing you and the quality of the products and services you have on offer. You will be judged if your content carries silly mistakes because these will not go unnoticed.

3. Outsource – If you are not very clear about how you can set up your lead nurturing campaign, try to get hold of a professional. There is a large number of professionals who can analyze your whole process and your goals and guide you about what kind of information material you should be pushing out to your leads.

4. Keep it dripping – Always drip feed your content. Never send all the information at one go. Make a habit of sending the information bit by bit with a drip system. Tease a bit, raise the level of their desires and cultivate their desires to have your product before you offer these for sale to them.

5. Consistency Wins – Not only you should drip feed the information to your leads, you should also be doing this on a regular and consistent basis. When someone subscribes to be on your list, they are looking for regular messages from you, if not a daily doze of message. They will be looking forward to your messages eagerly if you could keep these informative, brief and to the point.

6. Leverage your blog – Keep your blog live too. While mainly you will be sending out your message via email to your subscribers, you can also use the power of blogging. In fact it is possible to make use of the blog update feature that is available inside the email marketing system you will be using to send notifications to your subscribers about the new blog posts. Write a few blog posts with the aim of directly addressing your leads as being the audience of the posts.

7. Understand the Buy Cycle – Every audience follows a typical buy cycle which depends on the services or products a marketer is promoting. You information should be carefully created to address all stages of the buy cycle with the aim of finally converting the leads after qualifying them.

8. Know Your Audience – Nurturing leads is fundamentally different from engaging with someone who is also a customer of your products. Make a distinction between leads, interested users and customers and treat leads separately. By doing this, you will be able to correctly address your message to the right audience.

9. Understand Your Products – This can go almost without saying that it if fundamentally important that you have a deep understanding of your services and products forwards and backwards. Understand in depth how a service or product is going to impact your audience. And also be clear that in case you outsource some of your work, you will also have to make your contractors get an understanding of the services and products.

10. Keep an Eye on Your Metrics – You must have heard that nothing is achieved without paperwork. And this is so true about nurturing leads. Keep studying the numbers if you want to be sure that what you are doing is producing results on ground too. Carefully decide on what metrics you will be counting on to determine success of failure of your efforts.

Slow and steady is the way to win the race when you start your lead nurturing campaign. You can be sure that you will be converting happy prospects into buyers consistently if you remain consistent in sending out engaging and informative information to your leads.

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