Learn How to Type fast and Test Your Typing Speed With These Five Online Tools

how to typeIn order to learnt how to type and to improve your typing speed and efficiency, particularly if you are required to write lots of things in the kind of work you do, take a look at the 5 online tools presented below as they will not only assist you find out how good your typing is but will also help improve your skills.

A. 10fastfingers

This is a very easy site on the internet where you can test and improve how fast you type. The site’s user-interface is simple and that makes it easy to use the service.

The top box contains some words, and one of them is highlighted. The timer begins to tick once you start typing within the box at the lower part of the box. You will be given only a minute to complete your typing session.

When you finish typing, a result which shows your word per minute, how many keys you struck, the words you typed correctly plus the ones you failed to type correctly, will be given to you. You will also be ranked among several other users.

B. Typingtest

This is a site that will let you assess your typing speed while helping you improve your skills if you are persistent in taking the test. It is an established fact that you get better with more practice.

TypingTest will let you select the language that you want to take the test in, including Espanol, Dutch, English and a host of other languages. Other sites do not give you this choice. Also, you can choose how long you want the test to last (from one to three minutes) as well as the context of the material you want to be examined on.

Once you have made your choices the text will be given to you and the timer begins as soon as you begin to type. When your session ends, your results will be shown to you, and your performance will also be compared with that of the average typist. You will also see the amount of time you will be able to save in a week if you carry on typing at that particular speed for ten hours in a week. This is a very good website to teach you how to type.

C. Learn2Type Typing Test

With typing test, users can test and enhance their typing speed, as well as find out how many words they are able to type in a minute.

You will be provided with a context that you will be typing on. To start the test, you have to click on the “Test Me” button. After you complete the entire paragraph, your Words per Minute count will be shown to you as well as how accurate you were, plus any blunders you made while the typing test lasted.

D. Speedtest

This website presents you with a very simple way to assess your typing speed on the internet and get better while doing the assessment. All you have to do is visit the site and begin typing the words that are highlighted. Your Word per Minute count will continue to rise as you type more words within the time limit.

But if you make any mistakes, points will be deducted from your total Characters per Minute.

When you are through, you even have the option of publishing your results on Twitter to let your friends know how well you have improved.

E. Keybr

This website will let you continue typing until your typing speed has significantly improved. It has a very fine layout which separates it from several other typing test sites.

As you assess your typing speed, you will be shown your WPM count plus how many errors you have made.

One very good feature of this website is the way it graphically represents the errors you made on the keyboard. And that helps you see the key you failed to type correctly the most. This will help you perfect your typing skill and teach you in a very good way how to type.

You will also find several hints and tricks that will help you build up your typing skill. These you will find at the lower part of the typing window.

You now know five websites on the Internet where you can find out how fast you can type as well as improve your typing skills if you take the tests regularly.

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