Learn to Code with CodeAcademy

If learning to program has been your long standing desire and you have been missing this resolution by any margins , then CodeAcademy has launched this initiative to help you learn to code in in 2012 . It will email you weekly programming lessons which would be interactive in nature. You will be learning the basics of coding as well as staying on track with your ever forward shifting resolution of learning to build websites and apps.

One of the goals of CodeAcademy with Code Year ( 2012 ) is to spread the importance of learning to code ( and that is something any one with the ambition can ) with the active support of organizations like Girl Develop It , Y Combinator , TechStars and HackNY. Paul Graham , the founder of Y Combinator is of the opinion that “If you want to invest two years in something that will help you, you would do better to learn how to hack than get an MBA.”

With CodeAcademy , 2012 can become your year of learning programming , irrespective of whether you want to learn it for making money or fun.

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