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learn wordpress

If you are thinking of starting a blog, you must be thinking of how to learn wordpress. There is no denying that wordpress is the world’s most powerful, easy and popular blogging platform. The other popular platform for blogging is Blogspot by Google. But it is hardly a match for wordpress because of so many advantages WordPress enjoys. So if you are going to learn blogging, learn wordpress. And the fact of the matter is that it is very easy to learn wordpress. When you start your journey to learn wordpress, you will be amazed that within no time you will soon start counting yourself as a wordpress professional. This is due to the fact that in order to learn wordpress as a  user, the learning curve is neither steep nor very long. The beauty and popularity of wordpress lies in its ease of use.

Learn WordPress – Where to Start

When you are starting to learn wordpress, the first thing you should ensure is that you should try to have a self hosted blog. WordPress blogs can be run by two ways. One way is to host the blog on wordpress website. That saves you the cost of hosting. But do not fall for that. Hosting is so cheap these days and you can easily find a good hosting for around $5 per month. The benefit with self hosted blog is that you will feel the real power of wordpress when you install it and configure it yourself. The most important factor when i recommend that you learn wordpress on a self hosted blog is that by following this approach you will also learn to take backups of your wordpress site. You will learn some tweaking that will come in handy when you want to adjust the look and feel of your blog.

Learn WordPress – What to Learn First

Once you decide that you are going to learn wordpress with your own self hosted blog, the rest of the things are really easy. Now i focus on which areas of wordpress should be targeted first when you learn wordpress. I would strongly suggest that you explore the following areas of wordpress when you are in the process to learn wordpress.

  • How to install wordpress from cPanel
  • How to login to wordpress
  • How to create categories in wordpress
  • How to create posts in wordpress
  • How to edit posts in wordpress
  • How to install plugins in wordpress
  • How to use widgets in wordpress
  • How to backup your wordpress database and wordpress site
  • How to install new themes
  • And do not forget to learn about some plugins about wordpress security because wordpress is the target of the hackers. But regular backups and good security plugins should keep you safe.

Learn WordPress – Where to Learn

Next i am going to suggest some good resources where you can learn wordpress really fast. Some of the most recommended sites to learn wordpress are:

  • Learn WordPress Site – WordPress’ own site dedicated to help people learn wordpress
  • WordPress Codex – This is also a wordpress official site dedicated to sharing knowledge about wordpress and learning wordpress.
  • WPbeginner – This is a very good resource to learn wordpress. The site is focused towards basic and intermediate learners.
  • Smashing Magazine – This is a very authoritative site for learning web related technologies on the internet and has now added a dedicated section to learn wordpress.
  • Learn WordPress in One Week – This is a beautiful and comprehensive guide to learn wordpress in one week. This is highly recommended for beginners.

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