These Link Building Tips Still Work

link building tips

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One important building block of an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is a powerful link building strategy. You need not only external links pointing to your website but also a good internal linking structure. While there are a lot many ways to accomplish this, here are a few link building tips that work.

Interview niche influencers

One way of building links to your website is creating video interviews, podcasts, or even print version interviews of the movers and shakers in your industry and niche. You can build powerful and valuable links to your website when they will share links of the interview on your website with their followers.

Experts answers

You can approach popular bloggers for guest posting on your blog. It is also possible that you publish a series of “expert answers” on your blog. Ask question from experts and then publish their answers in the form of a blog post after compiling all the answers. You can make it a regular feature on your website. The guests on your blog will give promotion to your blog when they will share the link of the post with their followers. They might also like to share it on their social media pages.

Go for guest blogging

Look for those blogs in your niche which promote products that can act as complementary products for your services and products but are not in direction competition with you. It is even better if their ranking is similar to your website or higher. Approach them with the offer to guest blog by offering to write on a topic of their interest and which is also a way to speak with your audience. By doing this you can create shareable and valuable backlinks to your website.

And last but not the least, never loose sight of building internal links in your own website. You should be looking for linking your previous posts in your new posts as much as possible for SEO benefits. This is also a tip for decreasing bounce rate on your website. And definitely, it will keep people longer on your website and show the value of your website to them which is definitely more than a single post they landed on.

So unleash the SEO power of your website by putting to practice these link building tips.

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