Link Building Without Breaking SEO Rules

link-buildingWhen you are searching for some information on a search engine, you type in your keywords and as a result you get SERP or what we call search engine results page. For average visitors on search engines, this is not something that bothers them because they are just looking for the information they desire.

But for someone who is trying to bring traffic to their website from these SERP, this means a great success when people click through to their website from the SERP page. Link building is one of the many ways that is known to bring in traffic because it gives boost to pages for ranking highers in the SERP results.

There were many websites that used black hat methods when it came to link building which they learnt from blackhat marketers. One product that hits hard at shady strategies for ranking websites in search results in SEO Enigma Reloaded because it makes an effort to be of help of entrepreneurs in learning the correct and safe approach to build links and rank higher in the SERP results.

Google has hit hard on a large number of websites which had relied on black hat tactics and scheming to scam the SERP algorithms. These recent changes at Google has made it all the more critical for site owners to exercise care in link building. Because if they are not careful enough they might, intentionally or unintentionally, break rules of SEO set by Google. If you break SEO rules, your website will be penalized by Google which means it will drop in rankings in SERPs and ultimately lose traffic.

It is not essential that you break SEO rules to be successful at the game. There are many ways of link building which will not invite Google penalties. There is one simple question you can always ask yourself whenever you are making a link building strategy and that question is: “Is this link relevant?”

And relevant links are always natural ones. If your link building is unnatural, your website may be penalized anytime. It will not be advisable at all to link on a website about remedies to treat acne to a dog training website or blog. None of these two topics has any relevance with each other. There is almost a one hundred percent chance that such links will raise red flags with the search algorithms.

Also try to ensure that you build links from only those websites which are useful for the visitors. If your link points to a website which is there just for the sake of it, then it surely is going to be counted as a failed link. Even if you link to a website which is not relevant to your own website, this might hurt ranking of your own website.

One thing that every webmaster should learn is to use link building to to your own advantage and this is exactly what SEO Enigma Reloaded can teach you. Search engines are a lot more happier when you use nofollow attributes to outgoing links. In order to keep yourself safe from any unnatural links you can make use of “rel=nofollow”.

This will mean that the site being linked will be ignored by the search engine crawler. This is mostly done with paid links. Links that are under your own influence are also another example of unnatural links and search engines actively look for such links.

You should use nofollow attribute in order to get busted by search engines when your anchor text has some links. If you are guest blogging and adding link back to your website, avoid using the keywords of your website as anchor text.

One more thing to avoid hitting at the rules of SEO is to ensure that your website does not have any external links at the footer. Therefore, it is vital in link building that you double check and remove any links that damaging to your SEO efforts from your website because a lot many people even do not notice that these links are there.

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