Long Tail Keywords: Why You Should Start This Way

long tail keywordsWhen you are trying to rank your website, an important factor is which keywords you are trying to rank against. If you are trying to rank against generic short keywords, your efforts will need to be immense for any meaningful results. However, if you use long tail keywords, you stand better chances of getting ranking.

Long tail keywords are actually more specific keywords which a user uses for search when he or she is nearing a purchase. These phrases are longer and appear cumbersome for webmasters initially but can prove to be of immense value in the long run.

Taking an example, if your website is about weight loss, it is extremely difficult to rank for term weight loss because of a very high competition but if you try to rank for long tail keywords like weight loss spas in Brooklyn, you stand a very good chance of ranking easily because of the low competition for the keyword.

In fact by using long tail keywords, you are coordinating better with your customers and helping them locate your website that is offering the exact services or products they are looking for.

Taking another example if you search for word sofa on Google, you will not find any specific information if you are looking to buy a “sheesham wood sofa” .

It is quite apparent that by using long tail keywords, your website will be targeting less traffic but these visitors will be highly targeted and the conversion rate will be a lot more than for generic terms.

As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that the main small keywords get only about 10 to 15 percent of the searches. In comparison long tail keywords get up to 70 percent of traffic.

More importantly with short keywords, visitors will not be very focused and the competition for ranking these keywords will also be fierce. However, you can surely expect a lot better return on investment by going for long tail keywords, even though you will be drawing less traffic.

Another benefit is that since search volume is less, the competition in Google Adwords for long tail keywords is also less which means you can buy ads at a cheaper rate.

So always start with long tail keywords and soon you will get your website ranking high in search engines. Here are 5 best ways to find these:

  • Use Google Suggest
  • Making use of Google Related Searches
  • Keyword Research tools like Long Tail Pro
  • Google analytics data from your website


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