5 Quality Low Cost Web Hosting Options

low cost web hosting

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Small businesses or those who are starting their careers online will invariably in search of web hosting for their websites and most of the times they  are desperately looking to find low cost web hosting because of the limited start up budgets. And when they search, they will see all kinds of web hosting offers all claiming unlimited disk space and bandwidth in cheap prices.

The first thing you should avoid when hunting for low cost web hosting is these unlimited packages. Because it is not possible to offer unlimited hosting because at the back end hosting companies are powered by storage, processing and bandwidth limitations. In an effort to compete with other unlimited service providers, all the companies are in a race to market their services as unlimited which is not physically possible. The moment you start using their services in a big way, they will be ready to suspend or terminate your hosting account.

And more importantly, most of the time, you are not requiring unlimited packages because most websites will never use more than a few hundred magabytes of storage. For example, WordPress requires only 5MB for its installation. So do not compare low cost web hosting options based on storage or bandwidth. The only thing that matters at the start is the page load speed and uptime. All web hosts claim that they have 99.9 percent uptime. Read web hosting providers reviews to know what other customers are saying about the company.

The page speed can increase or decrease bounce rates, therefore, always get an idea about the page load speeds of a web host. Page speed is in fact also taken as an SEO signal by the search engines.

The other important thing to consider for low cost web hosting purchase is the availability of real human support because most of the low cost web hosting companies will not be forthcoming in timely human support which beginners might require quite frequently. And of course, low cost web hosting has to be cheap. But not cheap in quality.

Based on the above, here is my pick of the top 5 low cost web hosting companies that also offer quality (page speed, support, uptime).

  1. DreamHost
  2. HostGator
  3. BlueHost
  4. Linode
  5. Small Orange

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