Make Money Online by Selling Ebooks

This is a bit old but still relevant method making money online. It could need some initial upfront investment which may not be required in some other methods of making money online. But this is a lot more lucrative than other methods that we have discussed so far. Getting Real , which was the first  business advice book of 37Signals earned more than $35000. The world is always looking for expert advice and knowledgeable opinion and willing to pay for that advice or opinion. You do not need to be a PhD or a university graduate to earn by selling your own ebook.

There can be potentially all the topics under the sun on which ebooks can be written. The only thing that matters is that you this should be your area of expertise and well researched and well written. If you qualify these conditions , you have a realistic chance of making some good money by selling ebooks online. You will find that there people around the internet world who are willing to pay good sum for reading your ebook which is on your area of expertise.

The ideas are countless. There might be ebooks written by a mechanic which gives tips and tutorials on do it yourself for cars or motorcycles. If you are  a pet groomer , you could write and sell an ebook on how to take care of dogs. All that matters is that you think about an idea and then think of ways to expand that idea so that you end up with writing an ebook of 40 to 50 pages.

You only need to do the writing part of the ebook and creating a pdf of it. Afterward , there are internet services that will take care of the rest. You can then offer your ebook as a paid download on one of these services like DPD or PayLoads. If you are looking for a better and more professional solution , you could try Tradebit, which has a busy marketplace for marketing your ebook . This marketplace attracts many buyers and if your ebook is good enough you will soon be making some money selling your ebook. Another option may be to try a service named Lulu which can also publish a printed version of your ebook.

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