Best Option to Make Your Own Website

make your own websiteAt the very outset i would ask you to feel confident and not be overwhelmed by the thought that you have decided to make your own website. If you have the apprehension that it is something geeky, i will say that with modern day tools at your disposal, you do not need to be a computer programmer or developer to own a website.

There are different options to make your own website. First of all if you have a lot of money to spend, you can hire a web designing company and pay hundreds of dollars for your website. But this will take a lot of time because everything will be done from the scratch and the end product may not be as desirable as you would have liked. It is also a difficult task to maintain custom designed websites.

Second option is to use any of the website builders which offer both paid as well as free plans. However, the flexibility with these online website building options is limited. Moreover, as you increase in your requirement of space and bandwidth, you will be paying a lot of money to these companies. Moreover, forget about any custom development matching your needs. You will have to choose one of their given templates to make your own website without the option to import third party designs, templates or themes.

Another option that a few beginners are tempted to is free website with Blogger or However, this will not be an advisable option to make your own website on these free platforms in the long run. These are actually the sites which are not owned by you. The blogging company may terminate your popular blog anytime citing any of the reasons because you do not own your own domain.

The best option that millions of successful online entrepreneurs have used and are still using is to have a self hosted WordPress website. It has many benefits over the other options. The first and foremost, you are the owner of your own website because the domain name of your own website is registered in your name. Another benefit you get when you make your own website with WordPress is that you do not need any technical skills. You can have professionally designed WordPress theme for a fraction of the cost you will be paying to a web designer. It is also a very customizable platform which you can extend to the limit by using thousands of plugins.

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