Off Page SEO Optimization Basics

off pae seo optimizationThere are two components of SEO. One is called on-page SEO and the other is called off page SEO optimization. The purpose of both of this is to improve visibility of website in the search engine ranking pages. Off-page SEO is commonly known as link building but this is not where it ends. Off page SEO is about all those efforts which go beyond web design for ranking website higher.

There is clear and distinct difference between on page seo and off page SEO optimization. Off page SEO is all about working beyond the boundaries of a website. And the most important of these activities are:

  • Link building
  • social bookmarking
  • social media

I will explain in detail about these three elements but first let us have a look at the benefits of off page SEO.

Benefits of Off Page SEO

Search engines are constantly trying to improve their search engine results and Off page SEO is a very strong signal of what the other users and websites think about a website. Any website that is of high quality and is useful for the visitors will ultimately be having external references (also called links) pointing to it from other websites. Similarly its visibility and popularity on the social media is also highly likely. And it will also be shared and bookmarked extensively among communities of like minded people who are interested in the topic.

Apart from the above benefits of off page SEO to search engines, it also has benefits for the website owners which include higher pagerank, ranking boost and more exposure for the website.

Link Building

Building links to websites is the most popular and important off page SEO optimization method for a long time. The most popular of link building method are :

  • Forum signatures
  • commenting on other blogs
  • article directories
  • blog directories
  • guest posting

However, the above link building methods, though still popular, are mostly a thing of the past because of the black hat SEO methods and exploitation of these methods.

So the question is how to get good links for off page SEO. The basic factor you should keep in mind is that after recent SEO algorithm updates from Google, the quality of a backlink matters more than the quantity of links you have pointing to your website. For example, a link from a normal blog is definitely inferior to a link from Matt Cutts blog or New York Times.

Google loves natural links which means a blog or website links to your website naturally if it is of value in the opinion of the blog or website owner.

You might be wondering if these natural links for off page SEO optimization can really come. The answer is yes but it will take time and effort. And the best way to get links is to keep publishing informative and high quality content (text, videos, images and infographics) which is liked by other people and they will naturally link to your website without you even asking for their links.

Social Bookmarking

Social media has decreased in popularity in recent years as an off page SEO optimization method. But it is still useful if you promote your website by using popular social media platform like, stumbleupon.comm, and

Social Media

Social media now forms an important part of “offsite-SEO optimization” and it is definitely a part of your link building exercise too. Please note that almost all the links you will be getting from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are nofollow links but this does not imply that they have zero value. Social media signals are important website ranking factors now and if you configure your social media profiles properly you can expect an SEO boost.

Off-page SEO optimization is as important as on-site SEO. You will have to make use of the both if you really want to be successful. In the past, it was possible to rank websites overnight by link blasts of thousands of irrelevant spammy links but now it does not work. So you should initially forget about link building and focus on creating a quality website keeping the visitors in mind and then promote website correctly and the rest will fall in pace automatically.


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