A Foolproof On Page SEO Checklist For Best Results

on page seo checkist

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We understand that search engine optimization is important if you want to see your website ranking high in the search engine results pages. There are basically two main elements of SEO. On page SEO and Off page SEO. We will discuss the best practices about off page SEO some other time, but here we are going to discuss and have an On page SEO checklist.

The main purpose of this on page SEO checklist is to have a ready reference, in brief, about what SEO related things you should keep in mind to implement on your own website. It will be best if you start to follow this On page SEO checklist right from the day one and remain consistent with it.

However, if you have an already established website, then you will definitely see results if you improve your website on page search engine optimization keeping in view this list.

While creating this On page SEO checklist, i have ensured to follow the latest Google guidelines and also tried to ensure that the content remains high quality and readable for the end user because Google is placing high emphasis on creating valuable sites for the users.

On page SEO checklist

  1. Every page on your website should ideally focus on one keyword phrase which means your post will be focused
  2. Make a descriptive title to your page with keyword forming part of it. However, if the keyword is three words or less, then using only the keyword as Title will make it quite boring one. Ideally Title should be less than 70 words, but it doesn’t matter much if it is longer. In fact longer titles have higher click through rates on social media.
  3. Edit the permalink structure of your website by ensuring that your title forms part of the URL of the post.
  4. Keyword density is also important. Try to not use more than one percent keyword density for your posts because otherwise, it will not be a good read for the reader because of over-stuffing of keywords.
  5. Include at least one or two inbound and outbound links in your post.
  6. Meta descriptions for posts do not directly affect SEO but these form part of On page SEO checklist because well written descriptions invite higher click through rates.
  7. If possible try to use keyword in a sub-heading in your post
  8. Always try to use an image with your post and use an alt tag for the image which should preferably be the keyword phrase.

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