Online Resources for Teachers – Make Your Work Easy

To fulfill their love of knowledge, teachers are mostly inclined toward the academic and research oriented aspects of their profession. However this noble profession in real world comes with many non-academics. Schools expect teachers to perform additional tasks like attendance maintenance, syllabus & lesson planning and communication with parents or guardians.

We are blessed with the advance technologies, changing the way we did things in past. Internet or mobile technologies can provide the teacher with ease to conduct such tasks efficiently and hassle free. Instructors can now leave the management part to technologies, leaving them with ample time to focus on Teaching.

Here we discuss few online resources for teachers that will be making their work easier.

1. SchoolCircuit E-Gradebook

Top of the line SchoolCircuit facilitates all the stakeholders i.e. teachers, students and parents. Teachers can post grades, assignments and attendance record online.  Students and parents need to just access records by providing the assigned credentials (access code). SchoolCircuit creates win-win situation for all, especially the teachers, as they have to spend many hours each day answering queries.

This robust application is specially designed to make it convenient for teachers to accomplish tasks like creating & scheduling sessions. Moreover it also sends automated alerts, upon account creation by student or parents. Ease provided by application for grading is incomparable. Application allows using standard grading scales. Overall worth of course can also be determined by giving certain weights to particular assignments or examinations. System gives facility to teacher to color code assignments, so they can be categorized as late, on time etc.

To design quizzes online and wiki articles for class, Engrade can be used.

2. Backboard Online Feedback

Backboard is created to assist the students groups working on same task, assignment or project. Groups can share documents online, amend it and provide notes. Avoiding hardcopy submission, system allows pupil to submit online for teacher to grade it.

3. ClassMarker Generate & Judge Quizzes:

Our third pick of online resources for teachers is ClassMarker. It offers different features in free and paid versions. Free version allows creation of examinations, quizzes, assignments instantly and they are graded immediately. Set of questions once fed into system can appear arbitrarily for each student. Each question and test can be restricted to fixed, variable duration or indefinite time. Application offers 5 different question types like BCQs, MCQs etc. System also allows Essay type questions, though these cannot be immediately accessed.

For $25/annum, this application offer more advanced features. No advertisement first of all, it also offers features like e-mailed result, cumulative questions & quiz result percentages. For better analysis, system gives all the numbers to teachers to compile results. Both versions have no limits on their use and users.

4. PlanbookEdu Lesson Planning Made Easy

PlanbookEdu lets the teachers maintain lesson plan books online, for free. Given an internet connection book is accessible anywhere. Its customization allows teachers to take notes as per their liking. Premium version costing $20 annually present permits to distribute plan freely.

Lesson Planner by Apple and The Lesson Plan Book are also worth trying.

5. iPhone Attendance No more hassle

Attendance for iPhone application costs $4.99.Straight from horse’s mouth as its creation is accredited to a teacher. So it fulfills teacher’s needs to its core. Application allows punching students’ record manually, or via address book or even from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Teachers can also attach photograph of each student by directly taking their snap from phone, or from any standard address book. Once uploaded, students’ faces appear during attendance. Application offers unique feature of “Random Student”. It lets the teachers choose truly random student every time they ask a question. Teachers can easily email the attendance or notices to not only individuals but to entire class as well. Backup can be taken easily, if there arises a need.

I hope this post was useful for teachers. They can use these online resources for teachers to make their time more productive and efficient.

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