Online Tools to Help you Monitor Safety of Your Child online

Internet has so many benefits but it is an unsafe medium at the same time. Especially it has very peculiar risks for children which among others include online predators and cyber bullying. A survey at yahoo showed that more than 70 percent of parents are concerned about the safety of their children online. If you want to monitor your child’s safety on internet , here are the services that help you in this effort of ensuring safety of your beloved children.


This website searches hundreds of social networking websites , places , communities and photosharing websites for your child’s accounts. It will show a summary of accounts of your child , information about friends and which pictures they have uploaded to their accounts. In addition to this , SafetyWeb offers a service that sends you emails or text alerts when your child is somehow related to racism , drugs, alcohol , depression , bullying or profanity.

This website also offers a service by which you can monitor mobile life of your child. Parents get reports about who their children talk to and at what times. The company has released a mobile app allowing parents to view online activities of children on the go.

You can avail services of this website for $10 per month.


This website tells you not only who your child’s friends are but also performs checks on your child’s friends against more than 50 databases to ensure that they are not perverts or criminals. SocialShield will send you alert if a suspicious person befriends your child. The website also offers a service to send to alerts when there is some discussion about your child which is in some way related to suicide , violence, sex , drugs  or alcohol.

The site maintains a record of what your child is posting on social networks but the most problematic areas are posted on top of parent’s dashboard to save time. Parents are also given facility so that they can view photos of their child posted somewhere by others or the pictures posted by their child.

This service can be availed at $10 per month.

AOL SafeSocial

This is very similar to SocialShield and in fact is powered by SocialShiedl.

There is one key difference between the two. AOl  requires that an invitation is sent to your child and after the acceptance by child , you can gain access . SafeSocial also offers something similar to this but it grants you access to children accounts if you are in possession of their passwords and will not be asking for any child’s permission.

This service is priced at $9.99

GoGoStat Parental Guidance

This is a free service. Some parents are in the friend’s list of their children to monitor their social actions but then they simply do not have enough time at their disposal to perform any meaningful monitoring. This Parental Guidance Facebook application will generate alerts for parents when their child makes changes to his or her profile which are dangerous or potentially dangerous. These may be revealing of any personal information , making friends outside the age group or indulging in any obscene posts and photos. Parents can set up the issues they want to monitor and then view the reports on the dashboard about any violations that were found on the profiles.

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