Partition a Hard Drive Easily With Aomei Partition Assistant

partition a hard driveIn the last couple of years there has been a rise in the number of outstanding free software used to partition a hard drive. Usually these programs provide users with all the basic tools for partitioning a hard drive at no cost (for instance setting active partitions, deleting, copying, formatting, resizing and creating partitions, plus advanced functions like support for GPT and MBR disks, virtual disk partitions plus USB drive support.

Apart from the fact that Aomei supports partition merging, the other really good point it has is its neat helpful interface with no clutter, and you will not find any links to dormant paid functions, (something that cannot be gotten from other programs in its category). Additionally, this software can be used for commercial purposes with no restrictions.

When you plan to partition a hard drive , you can achieve this in a number of ways. You can use a software that can be loaded through USB or live CD, and organize the partitions without being inside Windows environment (for example Gparted, Parted magic). You can also use a software that can be loaded from inside Windows such as Aomei. This type of program can carry out its task right away or during reboot. If for one reason or the other Windows refuses to start, the first option has to be used, but it must be stated that most people prefer to carry out these tasks from inside Windows.

Aomei belongs to the second group mentioned above, as well as these two programs: Partition Wizard and Easeus Partition Manager. These two are also fantastic programs with lots of features. In actual fact, there is not much difference between the three programs, as the set of functions they have are quite similar, and their feel, look and interface almost appear identical.

How Aomei measures up to Partition Wizard and Easeus Partition

  • Interface: Aomei is somewhat better than the other two here because all the functions available on the console are offered for free.
  • Both Aomei and Easeus provides users with a partition merging tool. This function is not available on Partition Wizard
  • Aomei does not have rebuild MBR tool, but it is available in Partition Wizard. MBR Regenerator is an unconnected freeware that can do this.
  • Aomei and Easeus does not support bootable media while Partition Wizard does. I
  • Can be used for commercial purposes free of charge. This is not possible with Partition Wizard and Easeus.
  • The interface: Aomei’s interface is user friendly and most actions can be performed through visual drag & drop.
  • Broad variety of functions: Hide, clone, wipe, format, delete, create, copy, split, merge, move, and resize partitions. Check partition surface, convert Primary partition to Logical and vice versa, convert across NTFS and FAT/FAT 32, change drive letter, change label and set active partition.
  • Advanced functions: Works well with virtual disk partition within VMware, Virtual PC and VirtualBox, supports every hardware RAID, like RAID 10, 5, 1, 0’ works well with most HDD standards, like USB 1.0 and 2.0, SSD, SAS, SATA, SCSI, IDE,  supports removable media like memory sticks, memory cards, and USB flash  drives, supports GPT disk and MBR disk, supports as many as 32 drives in a system.

Conclusion: You will enjoy using this program because (1) it has a very  good user interface, (2) it possesses a broad variety of functions, and that includes what nearly every user wants, and (3) it supports a good collection of advanced tools, like USB plus virtual disk portioning, as well as partitions as big as 4TB.

When you use this program to partition a hard drive, you will definitely like its efficiency and speed. Aomei is supported by both 64 bit and 32 bit editions of Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, Vista, plus Windows 2000 Professional.

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