Which Plagiarism Checker Tools to Use for Checking Duplicate Content

plagiarism-checkerYou must have heard that content is king for SEO ranking. However, not all content is created equal. Only high quality and unique content is love of search engines. A plagiarism checker is the ideal tool to check for plagiarism before posting content on your website because duplicate and copied content can severely impact your search engine ranking and you might be penalized by search engines for this. While it is possible to use Google for checking plagiarism but using a tool makes it easier, less cumbersome and more reliable because of their proprietary technology.

Should I use Free or Paid Plagiarism Checker?

If you truly value your content and your website, i will highly recommend that you use a paid plagiarism checker because of the high quality algorithms of these paid plagiarism checkers. It is all the more important if you outsource your content. There is no shortage of scammers in content writing who will always be trying to pass on copied content as their own. By using a plagiarism checker you will be able to have a reasonable assurance that the content that is going to be published on your website is unique and free from plagiarism.

By using plagiarized content, it is not just your SEO ranking that is at stake. You can actually be served with DMCA notice for violating copyright of others and might end up paying high lawyer fees or settlement charges for no fault of yours. You can avoid all this hassle by using a plagiarism checker and make sure that not only search engines love your content but also you are on the right side of law.

Given below is a list of plagiarism checker tools which are highly recommended.

1. Copyscape

The world’s most widely used tool for checking online duplicate content is Copyscape. It is advisable that you get a premium account on Copyscape because it is really cheap and still the best.

2. DupeFree Pro

This software is ideal if you or your writers are rewriting content. This used to be free but now it is a paid plagiarism checker.

3. Dustball

It has a free version as well as a premium version which costs $8 per month.

4. Plagium

This is a free plagiarism checker and can support checking of up to 25000 words in one go.

5. Turnitin

This is a premium plagiarism checker which is used widely in the academic world by professors for checking plagiarism in students’ work.


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