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professional wordpress themes

Professional wordpress themes are in high demand because of the huge surge in the number of bloggers. Since most of the bloggers use wordpress as the platform for blogging, therefore, the need for professional wordpress themes is always there. This is due to the sole reason that without a professional design, wordpress website may not survive in the blogosphere.

It is a complex decision to choose design and theme for your wordpress website. There are numerous and countless websites on the internet which claim to provide professional wordpress themes, but in reality the themes are of low quality in most of the cases. If you happen to select one of these low quality themes, your blog is doomed from the start. Some of these themes are not even secure and your wordpress blog can be hacked if you are using any unsecure theme.

There is another misconception that professional wordpress themes always have to come at a price. This is not true. If you search enough and in the right direction, you are sure to find a free theme that is professional as well. In fact there are certain companies who release premium and professional wordpress themes for free. The only condition is that you will need to put certain small links at the footer of the theme. These companies get sponsorship from the companies putting these links. They support the development of professional wordpress themes which are then offered for free. The sponsoring companies get links on the new websites using these themes. So this is a quid pro quo. You can also get these professional wordpress themes by paying a price, if you want to remove the links of the sponsoring companies.

Below i am going to list down some good sources where you can get  professional wordpress themes. I am starting with the websites where you can get free professional wordpress themes. I am also going to list three very good sources for getting paid professional wordpress themes.

  1. WordPress.Org – Number one source for getting free wordpress themes is the wordpress site itself. It has a huge collection of free wordpress themes which you can use. Some of these themes can easily fit in the category of professional wordpress themes.
  2. – This is another good website where you can get plenty of professional wordpress themes for free.
  3. Woo Themes – This website also has some very good collection of free professional wordpress themes. Search in the archives and you may get your hand at some very good themes.
  4. – This website has some very professional wordpress themes. It features some of my favorite wordpress themes. You can get all the themes listed on their website, if you get their membership.
  5. – This is my favorite website for getting professional wordpress themes. In fact this website also uses one of the themes listed at You can get all the themes listed here for free. The only proviso is that there are three links in the footer of your website which you can not change under the license of free usage. You can get any theme you like for a price and get it without these links.

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