These Profitable and Helpful Plugins Will Supercharge Your Site

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One of the powers of WordPress is its immense inventory of plugins. However, there is a chance that the newbies may get carried away with these plugins, if they do not select these with care. As a general rule, your site will get slower with higher number of plugins. However, you can give your visitors a great experience by using a few excellent wordpress plugins on your site.

Stopping spam on your website should be a priority and for that Akismet plugin becomes really handy. No website owner would want to be manually dealing with thousands of spam comments a day. Akismet filters out most spam comments automatically.

You can use a free plugin named Contact Form 7 to add a Contact page on your blog. It is a bad idea to put your email address on the Contact page of your website because it will be scrapped by spammers and you will be targeted with spam. On the Contact form, the users need to fill out email address, name and then they can leave a message which then comes to your inbox. You can also use a Captcha plugin to further reduce spam.

Threaded Comment Numbering plugin from Greg is also a useful plugin which is also free to use. You can provide a feature to your visitors to communicate with each other on your website which means you may be able to build a community around your website. If Michael wants to respond to a comment from Mary, he can and vice versa. And readers can also better understand the flow of conversation taking place in your comments section.

Every successful website is active on social media platform and WP Socializer is an excellent WordPress plugin that adds nice looking sharing buttons on your website. This is a free plugin and gives you the choice to pick your favorite social media services. It is a good practice to provide multiple options to the reader to share your content. Ensure that you have sharing button above and below the content as well as if possible a hovering sharing buttons option as the user scrolls down. You can definitely expect a rise in sales as your content gets shared more.

You can also use a very good plugin for promotion of your products and building your list. It is named Covert Messenger. It comes in Lite and Pro versions. This adds a non-intrusive and discreet popup at the bottom right of your screen in a gentle way.

The best thing about this plugin is that it does not block the content the reader is reading, therefore, it does not frustrate the reader. However, it sure catches attention of the reader at the corner of their eye.

Covert Messenger can be used for promotion of your own products or affiliate products or you can offer a freebie for building your list. More options are available in the Pro version but for beginners even the Lite version suffice and when you see the benefits of its, you can think of upgrading to pro version of Covert Messenger.

Your inbox will be bombarded with offers from plugins developers. There is a plugin for almost everything out there. However, do not be tempted to automate everything on your website via plugins.

While it is essential to go for automation but you will be doing away with the human element on your website by overdoing with too many plugins. And this will mean that the human bond between you and your visitors will evaporate or it might never be built. However, always look for the best WordPress plugin for those tasks which take a lot of your time.

For example, for those who are having Amazon review sites, there are plugins out there that can easily and quickly create affiliate links to the products. You will increase your quality and number of products reviewed if you can quickly create these links. All this means surge in commissions from Amazon.

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