Quick Tips to Detect Phishing Scams and Browse Safely

Phishing scams pose as legitimate sites and steal away your financial information . But with exercising a little caution , you can tell a genuine site from a phishing site. Here are some quick tips to help you detect phishing scams and make your web surfing experience pleasant and safe.

  • Always look at the URL of the website in the Address bar of the browser before entering in any sensitive or financial information . Phishing sites imitate the URLs of the the legitimate sites but with careful examination , you can tell the difference. For example a phishing site trying to steal your PayPal information may have a URL imitating as PayPal site URL . e. g.  http://paypal.somefishingdomain.com .
  • Try to go the website by entering in the URL at the URL bar and not clicking through links. In fact never try to go to your bank or finance related website from links inside your email. Phishing sites use legitimate anchor text and direct users to illegitimate sites when user clicks on it.
  • Turn Off AutoFill because you might involuntarily fill in information in the forms and submit information to phishing sites when you are in a hurry .
  • Give importance to browser warnings . Chrome and Firefox warn the user when they come across any suspected phishing sites.
  • Install Web of Trust browser extension . It will warn you of potentially harmful and phishing sites while you browse. Web of Trust is available for almost all popular browsers from here.

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