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reading on computerMany people have to sit in front of a computer screen for long periods during the day and it is hardly a comfortable experience when you have to read online books or articles. Presented below are some measures that will make reading on computer a more interesting experience, if you implement them.

Reducing the strain on the eye is one of the main reasons your computer monitor has to be in top form, however creating a comfortable environment to read online is also very important. Some of the tools available to you are presented here, beginning with a few easy monitor calibration adjustments and advancing to webapps, browser extensions, plus one or two other changes.

Your monitor should be calibrated specially for reading on computer:

If your monitor is calibrated properly it will give you the best picture. This article is about showing you how to get bright and vibrant images, also a lot of moderation will be done here.

You screen can be made a little warmer by using the in-built tools on Mac and Windows to help you read online in a better way. To change the display settings in Windows, you should first get to Control Panel, then Display. For Mac, it is System Preferences, then Display.

  • Adjust the basic set up by running through the primary settings, but stop when you reach the settings page for calibrating Basic Color in Windows. For Mac OS, It is Target White Points Adjustment.
  • The Color Temperature (On Mac it is Target White Point) should be dropped into the yellow. The screen will be yellowed as a result of this, giving it a warmer appearance. Also, it makes reading on Computer for long periods easier.
  • The tone of your screen is now a bit warmer thus making it somewhat simpler to read with. If what you want is a fast toggle that achieves the same result, you can modify your screen’s color warmth with F.lux depending on the period of day for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Once this is done, you will find that when you read online on computer, it is a lot more comfortable. However. one way to improve upon that is to remove all the scrap on the screen.

Improve your Reader to Read Online Better

To read online on a PC is usually a nuisance partly because there are so many things that can distract one’s attention on just one page. It will be difficult to focus fully on what you are reading if the layout of the page is sort of weird and it contains a bunch of adverts. You can eliminate the litter and make your reading experience cleaner by using the techniques presented below.

  • iReader browser extension: You can remove all the things littering a page with iReader extension for Firefox and Chrome. This will enable you focus on the most important thing: reading. Once you hit the iReader button, the text will be extracted from the page and it will eliminate all the images and adverts and you can read online without any clutter attached.
  • Bookmark services: Apart from being excellent bookmarking services, Read it Later and Instapaper also make it a lot easier to read online. If you are searching for a tool that customizes the appearance of the backgrounds and text, Evernote Clearly for Firefox and Chrome introduces text and background options to enhance reading. The background plus text color can be changed to fit any mood you prefer.

Improve the lighting in your environment

Whether you read online via a computer screen or you are reading a physical book, lighting definitely affects how well you enjoy your reading on computer. You can easily move around to grab a good lamp anytime you are reading a good book, but you cannot do that while reading with a computer. Happily, you can improve the lighting in the area where you read by doing one or two things.

  • Do not read online with an overhead lamp, instead use a little table lamp: Reading long books or articles on the computer should be considered the same way reading a book is considered. It will be difficult to concentrate on the screen while reading with overhead lights. Using a small lamp will make looking at the screen more comfortable.
  • If possible, do not read online with a window at your back: If you read with a window at your back, the sun’s bright light will be reflected by the screen and that will form a glare on your screen. All you have to do is adjust the direction or angle of the screen to solve this problem a bit. If the glare is not there, it will be more comfortable reading long books or articles.

Fix a monitor stand that can be adjusted

Sometimes you may find yourself moving closer to the screen as you read large amounts of text. People are used to having the books very close to their faces while reading on computer  and that may well explain why they sometimes move closer to the screen while reading on a PC. You can fix your monitor in such a way that you will not need to lean in all the time. The following are some options you can use to simplify things.

  • Your monitor should be placed on a mount: placing the display unit on a mount has several advantages. Apart from making it possible for your screen to be adjusted for enhanced ergonomics, they make it possible for the monitor to be pulled toward you to give you a better view of the screen any time you want it.
  • Have a rolling stand set up for your monitor: it is possible to place wheels under your monitor and move it closer to you any time you want it. It will not cost you a lot to do this. IKEA hackers can teach you how this can be done with the very cheap LACK tables which involve hiding wheels beneath the wood.

If it is difficult for you to get comfortable while you read online on your PC, you have the option of printing the pages out, also your text can be sent to a tablet or ereader using the bookmarking tools mentioned earlier. However, if you must read online long books or write-ups on your PC, the techniques presented above can make reading on computer more comfortable for you.

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