Read Web Pages Without Ads , Offline Reading with Evernote Clearly

If you are using multiple devices like iphone , android , desktop etc , then it is quite difficult to keep track of the sites that you visit and save content for offline reading. Moreover , everyone desires a clutter free reading experience devoid of ads and other unwanted stuff on a webpage. Safari browser has a Reader function that removes all unwanted links , ads from a webpage and presents a clean reading page to the reader. A new app Evernote Clearly fills this gap for Chrome and Firefox.

It offers the following benefits to the reader :

  • Evernote Clearly removes the unwanted details on the web page.
  • Web Clipping feature for offline reading with Evernote on mobile devices. Saving of web cotent for reading offline is available only if you are using it on browser on desktop and is not available for mobile devices. The pages thus saved in browser are saved as Evernote standard notes . Evernote is available for almost all mobile devices.
  • Text on pages can be modified with three different reading schemes: Notable , Newsprint and Night Owl.

Evernote Clearly can be downloaded here .

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