Searching for a Free uTorrent alternative? Check out qBittorrent

free utorrentMany people use the well known free uTorrent Bittorrent client any time they want to download files from the Internet with the aid of torrents. A lot of things have changed as regards that client in previous years. The client was first sold to Bittorrent, and they added some features to it but not all users liked these new features. For example, recently a uTorrent Plus edition which offers extra capabilities for a fee was launched.

If you make use of free uTorrent and you are searching for alternatives, you should try qBittorent, which is a Bittorrent client for OS/2, FreeBSD, Mac OS x, Linux and Windows.

qBittorentt has features that are very similar to those of Bittorrent. It has a user-friendly interface that can easily be mastered by most users, plus other features like port forwarding, IP filtering, bandwidth scheduling, and torrent creations.

qBittorentt can be made the default program for torrent files, this way you can magnet any link on the system so they can be loaded directly any time the links or files are clicked on. Drag and drop can also be used to load them in the application. Any important detail is displayed in the status bar of the program window. Some of the important info displayed include speed limit configuration, totals to the connection status of the system, plus the current download and upload speed.

If you take a look at the options, you will find that qBittorent supports everything that a torrent application is supposed to support. You will find the web user interface, connection and port settings, download and notifications directory as well as where the interface language can be switched. It has everything that can be used to configure the application just the way you want it.

You will also find a number of advanced features, such as configuring different speed caps for particular days and periods, SMTP server configuration to get email notifications any time torrents downloading is concluded, or observing directories for torrent files so that they can be downloaded automatically to custom save directories.

However there are some features that uTorrent supports that are not supported by qBittorrent.  For example uTorrent supports video streaming as the videos are being downloaded, also uTorrent is offered in an alternate portable mode. But you will find all the features that a torrent client is supposed to have in qBittorrent and that make it an excellent free uTorrent alternative.

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