How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers

how-to-secure-wordpressWordPress is the most popular way to create websites. It is easy to learn and millions of webmasters use this to power their professional websites. However, with ease comes another challenge. It is also the target of hackers because of known exploits, mostly because of its popularity.

Hundreds of WordPress based websites are hacked every day and webmasters then look for how to secure WordPress. However, you can take basic precautions and ward off 99 percent hacking attempts. By taking the following measures you will ensure that your website remains offline and you do not lose furit of your efforts and time to hackers.

1. Never Use ‘Admin’ Username

Previously the default username for administrators of a WordPress site used to be Admin which was well known to hackers. Therefore they will try to bruteforce the password for this username. Since it was the most powerful username, therefore, once they cracked its password, the whole website lay bare before them.

Make sure that you use a username other than ‘Admin’ when you are installing your WordPress site for administering your website.

2. Use Difficult to Guess Passwords

The passwords for users on WordPress site should be difficult to guess. Ideally passwords should contain uppercase, lowercase letter, symbols and numbers. By using these combinations, you make wild guessing of passwords really difficult for the hackers.

3. Keep WordPress Core and Plugins Update

Always keep your main WordPress and plugins update because new security issues are reported and WordPress team keeps patching those security vulnerabilities in WordPress via updates. Similarly plugins developer also update their plugins to address security issues. It is, therefore, vital that you always keep your WordPress core and plugins updates to the latest versions.

4. Install iThemes Security Plugin

Install iThemes Security Plugin and have peace of mind because it addresses all of the basic WordPress security issues. It also allows you to also ban offending users based on their IP addresses which saves you a lot of trouble. It als0 changes table prefixes with a single click to more obscure ones making it difficult for hackers. In short it is the best WordPress security plugin that gives you peace of mind.

5. Install OSE Firewall Plugin

This is also a must have plugin to keep your WordPress secure. By installing this plugin you guard your website from SQL injection and other similar attacks which are hackers’ favorites.┬áSig

6. Sign up With Cloudflare

By signing up with Cloudflare, you can keep a lot of known bad traffic from hackers and bots away from your website even before it reaches you because Cloudflare will scan traffic and filter bad traffic automatically. All you will have to do is to change your website’s DNS servers to those of Cloudflares.

7. Take Regular Backups

There are two ways to back up your website. Either you back up the just the database or also the themes and other files folders. Though most web hosts take daily backups but always have the latest backup of your website with you on your own computer too. Backing up your website will be the single most important step in how to secure WordPress site. By using iThemes Security plugin, you can also backup your database automatically if you select the option.

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