Security Essentials – Four browser add-ons to shield your privacy online

security essentials privacyMost people who use the Internet usually have concerns regarding their privacy. There are several ways an individual’s privacy can be intruded upon because the Internet is a medium that is shared. Practically all services and websites that operate in the medium of the Internet monitor your movements plus other data that has something to do with you. They monitor the way you browse the internet, and they may collect your personal information such as your email address. Therefore, you should be aware of security essentials to shield your privacy.

The web pages of several websites have tracking programs installed on them. Even though the info transmitted to the owner of the site may not really be harmful and may even be for your own benefit, sometimes the reverse is the case. This article highlights a few services and tools that you can use to stop websites from monitoring your activities online. As you browse the internet, you will be totally anonymous.

Do Not Track Plus

This is a great tool for shielding your privacy while using the Internet. If Firefox is your primary web browser, you can install this tool as an add-on for Firefox. It also works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. With this tool, you can stop ad networks, social buttons as well as other tracking firms from monitoring you. One great feature of this tool is that once its toolbar is clicked, it will display the details about the tracking site within a pop-up window. This program can shield your privacy online from over 600 trackers. An update of the tracker register is carried out on a regular basis to fight new trackers that may emerge. It is one of the recommended security essentials.


This is also a very useful tool with which to fight trackers on the internet. Ghostery works well with Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. The tool also supports mobile edition (iOS). Any time you open a website, Ghostery will display every tracker on the page on the top right part of the window. With Ghostery, you have a lot of freedom as regards which trackers to allow and the ones to block. You are free to block any tracker you want while leaving the ones you want to permit.

Adblock Plus

This tool is used for blocking ads and it is very popular. It is a very useful tool for combating online privacy problems, because the majority of trackers are adverts placed on webpages. Adblock Plus works well with Google Chrome as well as Firefox as a very good security essentials tool. The tool does not block the tracking of websites, it blocks any ad placed on the webpage. If adverts on web pages annoy you, you will find this tool highly beneficial. Browsing speed may be improved with this tool because it blocks most of the adverts and Javascript.

 No Script

Trackers monitor your activities mainly via Javascript. You can actually eliminate nearly all the privacy problems by disabling Javascript within your browser; however you may find it very difficult to use all the website’s functionality once Javascript has been disabled. NoScript can help you eliminate this kind of problem. This tool is very good at stopping Flash based contents plus Javascript from running on any webpage without your prior approval. You should go for NoScript if maintaining your privacy online is very important to you.

It is hoped that you will find these security essentials tools very helpful as you combat websites monitoring your activities on the internet. Are you presently using any tools to shield your privacy?

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