How to Make SEO & Social Media Work Together

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One of the basic foundations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to get quality backlinks pointing to your online real estate. And social media is an effortless way to build these highly valued backlinks. Because of the ease that is available now to your audience for engaging with and sharing your content, it is quite logical that social media now forms part of SEO.

Content takes center stage

Regardless of any opinion to the contrary, content has been and will continue to remain the nucleus of SEO, online marketing and social media. Keep creating high quality and relevant content for your audience with clear mind that where will that content going to be consumed. The message might be same in the content but while expressing on different social media you might have to tweak it a little bit to suit the platform on which you are promoting your content.

Link building on fire

Be ready for a link building storm if you create the right content for your audience and share it at the right social media channel. To gain some initial traction, you might think of the option of using promoted posts option on Facebook ads but in the end the link building storm will take off in the form of viral sharing of your content if you planned it well and focused on targeting the right kind of audience.

Engagement with influencers

Social media has made it easier than ever to start your engagement with those who enjoy of the status of influencers in your niche and industry. You can expect to make a big difference to your SEO and social media promotion campaigns even if you can get attention of even a single big mover and shaker in your industry. You will see a big difference if they can link to your content. The best way is to cultivate relationships with these shakers in your industry via their or your content.

You can make dramatic improvements to your SEO if you cover all the key aspects of social media by creating keyword rich and relevant and unique content which is powerful enough to invite shares by your audience and they start commenting on it. And in the process you will be giving a huge boost to your credibility which is priceless when it comes to social media. If you combine the power of good SEO with targeted social media promotion, you would already be following a plan which is hard to beat.

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