Should You Buy Normal Hosting or WordPress Hosting

Once you are going to start a blog of your own, one of the key requirements is to have a hosting plan to host your blog or website. There are different types of hosting options available and because of the competition in this industry, different hosting companies offer hosting plans using marketing gimmicks.

One of these marketing buzzword that you will hear very often is WordPress Hosting. Almost all big hosting companies have this brand of wordpress hosting which is actually the normal Linux based hosting with value added services.

Some of the most common value added services offered with this WordPress hosting are:

  • Additional handpicked WordPress themes than those that come with the default installation of WordPress. However, this is not big deal because even a basic user of WordPress can himself or herself install any WordPress theme from thousand of free themes available on
  • Pre-installation of WordPress plugins. Again this is not something which should force you to pay almost double the price of normal hosting plans. All you need is to see a list of WordPress plugins that you need and then you can easily isntall these plugins right from within WordPress dashboard.
  • Web hosting companies also claim that WordPress hosting comes with increased speed which is purely a marketing gimmick because pre-installing WordPress on any hosting server does not increase its speed.
  • Support by WordPress experts is another thing that is claimed by sellers of WordPress hosting. However, there is generally nothing in WordPress which you yourself can not fix during normal routine working. However, if something extra ordinary happens, which in most cases will have nothing to do with the WordPress itself, then any hosting company will take care of it.

Keeping in view the above facts, if you are comfortable with WordPress itself, you do not need WordPress hosting because WordPress works as good on normal hosting as it will work on WordPress hosting. However, if you are absolutely a zero when it comes to even a bit of tech, then you should go with WordPress hosting and in that case you should prefer managed WordPress hosting.

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