Should You Do Affiliate Marketing or Promote Your Own Products

When doing internet marketing, there are two clear options for you to choose from. You can either promote other people’s products as an affiliate or you can create your own product and promote it.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

As a general rule, when you are new, it is advisable that you start with affiliate marketing because of the following reasons:

  • You will not need to spend time to create your own product which is quite time consuming.
  • With affiliate products, you can start right away without even waiting for your own website.
  • The risk factor is higher in case of creating your own product.
  • There is endless supply of products to promote
  • There are no issues related to setting up support forums etc which are taken care of by the product owners.
  • You do not have to deal with the issues like refunds etc.
  • You do not get paid right away at the time of the sale
  • You can not recruit your own affiliates to drive traffic to your sales page
  • Selling an existing brand is a lot easier than making the efforts to create your own brand

Promoting Your Own Product

However, having your own product to promote puts you in the driving seat and it is lot more profitable if you start creating your own products. While it is perfectly possible to earn passive income from promoting affiliate products, the real big money is always in having your own product. Here are some of the benefits of promoting your product:

  • You get an instant pay raise. Earlier you were getting commissions from the product owners but now you will get all the profit to yourself.
  • You can set the price of the product according to your own choice.
  • You can build your list and keep all the information about the buyers with you so that you can promote future products to them as well.
  • You create your own brand which in the long run is worth all the effort

So while there are risks associated with creating your own products, it is worth taking the risk. But in all probability you can start with affiliate marketing, build your list along the way and then pitch in your own products too. Even when you are promoting an affiliate product, do it professionally e.g by writing real and helpful reviews about the product.

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