Should You Remove Dates from WordPress Blog Posts?

remove dates from blog posts

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By default, WordPress blog posts have dates and these dates appear at the start of the post. Sometimes people are not comfortable that their posts are dated because these dates appear in the search engine results and also the user might not want to read an article considering it old. The user might think that the information is old and might not be useful. Also it is quite a costly affair to keep adding fresh content to the blog, therefore, people who are not regularly updating their blogs want to remove dates from the blog posts so that users do not get any idea about how old the information is.

Many SEO experts are also recommending at different forums that you should remove dates from WordPress blog posts to increase click through rates. They wrongly think that they can trick Google by hiding dates from their blog posts. This is because they know that Google likes fresh content and if they do not give away the date of publishing a blog post, Google will consider that the post is fresh. However, that is too naive to think that a search engine like Google will not be able to track the publishing date of blog posts. Therefore, it is a naive idea to remove dates from blog posts.

Even otherwise too, WordPress has a date stamp that is public for search engines even if you hide the meta data of dates from the users view. Therefore, it is not advisable that you take the pains of removing dates from blog posts because it is not going to bring in any SEO benefits.

Most of the people who think of removing dates are those who consider that their content is evergreen, therefore, it should be without dates. However, blogs by their very nature are a bit newsy and the content ages over time for sure. You do not want to keep your readers guessing about the date when a content was published because this might as well pass on wrong information which is dated and not relevant today.

But if you still want to remove the dates, I would recommend that you  try to show the last updated dates. That will be a true reflection of the age of the information that you have posted in the blog post and the user will also be not misled. If you are not comfortable code in WordPress editor, then it is best that you hire someone to do the job for you. Though there are different guides available on the internet that provide detailed information about how you can achieve this.

But if you must remove dates from your WordPress blog posts, then you should keep in mind that it will vary from theme to theme that how you can achieve this. Most premium WordPress themes allow you to select the meta data of a post you want to show and you can easily hide the date from the Theme Options from showing on posts page.

Another easy option is to install a WordPress plugin like WP Date Remover. This is an old plugin which has not been updated for many years but it still works so you can use it in case you really need to remove dates from your blog posts.


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