Should You Sell High Ticket Items or Low Ticket Items on Website

Most of the websites eventually want to be profitable and one of the approaches to monetize a website is to sell products on your website. This can be either direct or you may be promoting affiliate products. The next question is that should you be promoting high ticket products or low ticket products on your website? Which option is better?

Generally speaking we can classify products in the following range:

  • Low Ticket products are generally under $15
  • Mid Ticket products are anywhere between $15 to $10,000
  • High Ticket Products are over $10,000

However, everyone has his own definition of these products categories depending on the kind of business he does.

General approach is to start with low ticket item initially, build the confidence of the buyer and finally up-sell some high ticket product once they know that you promote or sell only high quality products. Generally the funnel is something like this:

  • Opt-in with a free quality product
  • Front end product which is low item
  • Up-sell/down-sell
  • Then comes the Membership product which will bring recurring income to you
  • And finally the high ticket item sale is pushed

The benefit with this approach is that you keep contact with the potential buyer and keep up-selling in a gradual way and in the end the buyer is happy to buy even your high end product.

But there are others who vouch that you should only be pushing for high end items on your website because of the effort involved in converting a visitor into a buyer. If you are going to convert, it should be for a high ticket item. Again the quality of the traffic that is coming to your website and the quality of the product plays a big role. If your website attracts traffic from those looking for freebies or cheap items, then definitely high ticket items will be a very hard sell to these. On the other hand if your traffic is highly targeted with people looking for solutions to desperate problem and you have a product that offers solution, there is every chance that you will be able to sell the high ticket product without going through all the funnel process.

In the end it is more than just price of the product that converts. The offers should be right and offering the exact kind of value the visitor is looking for. Price should be appropriate according to the kind of visitor. Presentation of the product and offer also plays a lot of role. So ticket price becomes irrelevant for some very successful marketers.


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