Simple iPhone Troubleshooting Tips

Just like The Da Vinci Code, Apple iPhone has large number of followers and haters. However even the diehard fans also face and express their displeasure over certain malfunctions and issues of their beloved iPhone. The list below explains the common occurring problem of iPhone along with possible remedy for each.

iPhone is not Turning on Normally

Even your super IPhone needs to be charged properly to work. So check it by plugging IPhone in the charger. Now try turning it on. You will know very soon if it was a charging issue. However expect the iPhone to show the screen in a couple of minutes or even more, as the battery is almost dead. If battery image blink thrice and iPhone screen turns blank, it implies the phone is not charging. A battery or charger replace may be needed in this case. These issues will be discussed later in the article.

iPhone is not Turning off Normally

Due to the design constraints of iPhone the handset does not carry many special purpose buttons. Switching off your phone could be a tricky business.

If the phone is not turning off normally, you may use brute force to achieve it. You need to press Sleep/Wake button for a while. Top right corner of your phone has this button. Pretty soon you will observe ‘Slide to Power off’ among options. Hopefully now your phone will be switched off without any further problem. If your phone doesn’t allow the restart, you need now to use Reset option. Reset option is just like a PC reboot. To reset, keep on pressing Home & Sleep/Wake button simultaneously for a while, even when it gives you the option of ‘slide to power off’. Keep on holding the button till the time you see Apple Icon the silver one. This should do the restart job and later on Switching off won’t be a problem.

iPhone Charging Issues

If you are facing charging issues with your phone, like phone is not at all charging. Try to charge from your Computer using USB and see if it works. Keep in mind to use the port directly attached to your computer, avoid using ports attached to devices like keyboard, monitor etc.

Now if your phone charges alright, but power drains out rather quickly after charge. Make sure you have the most recent iOS software loaded on your system. Most of the issues are resolved automatically upon updating the OS.

However if still the issue persists, go to preservation mode for your battery. Turn off the unnecessary options like Bluetooth can help you conserve power. Background lights and other lights setting can also prove beneficial. Alter the settings for phone to scan for updated emails on demand or increase the time span for each scan. Also make sure that phone is set to search for Wi-Fi networks is on demand,  rather than phone doing it automatically.

Your problem is still not fixed, try to restore your Phone in iTunes. Restoration to iTunes allows you to either restoration iPhone from backup, or setting up from scratch as new Phone. It is advisable to either setup the phone as New or restore the old backup for which you are sure that it wasn’t causing any problem. In order to protect your currently saved multimedia content synchronization of phone and iTunes is mandatory.

If all the efforts mentioned above went in vain next step is to visit nearest Apple outlet for replacement or repair. Make sure you explain the problem and your attempted fixes to them thoroughly. If you are lucky to encounter the problem during the warranty period your iPhone will be replaced with a new one. So acquiring an extended warranty may also save the day for you in case of problem after the normal warranty period. If unfortunately you faced the problem after warranty period then Apple outlet will charge you for the repair. Normal vendors also offers the battery replacements, but beware that having the battery installed by 3rd party may result in Apple refusing to entertain the warranty or even a repair request.

iPhone Internet Connectivity Issues

Phone reset will more often than not solve all your connectivity issues. Hold Home & Sleep/Wake button together for a while and perform the restart action as explained in previous section. Check now if iPhone is giving you further trouble instead of connecting appropriately.

However if still net connectivity is not allowed, reset the Network’s settings of your Phone. It is a simple operation and you need to take this route, first browse to Settings, then go to General and eventually Reset. In Reset press Reset Network Setting. Your phone will prompt you for a password if there was previously any stored against network settings. If after doing this you don’t get the aspired results, contact your service provide like AT&T. With their help it is highly unlikely that you will be going to face the problem again.

. iPhone Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

If for some reason your phone though connects successfully with internet but refuse to do so for a Wi-FI, you can repeat the procedure mention in previous section. Software update or system restore via iTune is also known to resolve such issues.

If you are facing connectivity issues not in general but rather to a particular Wi-Fi network, then you need to remove that network’s history for that very network. To perform this, in Settings, select Wi-Fi. Select Next link after touching the arrow that appears against the name of the network. Now select Forget Network option. Search for the network again after resetting. Again add the network that you have removed from your phone. Make sure that correct credentials are provided for access to network. Please note that if it doesn’t work you router restart will also be required.

Not very common I must say, but Bluetooth and Wi-Fi running both at once can also result in this problem. So try turning off Bluetooth too and see if solves the connectivity issue. Like always an Apple outlet is never too far away, your Wi-Fi antenna may need replacement.

iPhone Camera Issues

More common in iPhone 4, there are several cases reported of malfunctioning both cameras present on front and back side of phone. Apple suggests looking for the possible restriction applied on your camera. Restriction could be checked by paying a visit to Settings, then General and finally Restriction. You can either select Disable Restrictions or confirm that all the options allowing camera are turned on.

Our faithful companions Reset, Restart, updating the OS and restoration may always prove beneficial with many iPhone related problems. It holds good for Camera issues as well. Make sure if you chose to Reset your  iPhone, make sure you choose to setup as new one rather than restoring to an old update which will not help you with your camera issues. Synchronization should also be performed to avoid the loss of your valuable data.

Last resort is an Apple outlet to offer repairing services.

iPhone’s Home Button Issues

In the presence of very few physical buttons on your phone importance of Home button is undeniable. As we saw in previous sections Home button helps us resetting and rebooting which is potentially the solution of many iPhone troubles. If the button is not working due to software malfunctioning you can try your luck with Restoring your iPhone as a new one after synchronization. This will fix any software issues acting as obstacle for your Home button to work properly. If all the software fixes do not solve the problem then the problem lies with physical button. You can take your phone to Apple store for possible repair or replacement. Apple guys will not necessarily fix the phone always. Also it is interesting fact that if Home button issues occurred due to reason not covered by Apple say water, such repairs will not be undertaken by them. Rather interestingly the warranty does not cover water damage too. You can also take services of a professional for button replacement at the cost of any warranty of course. Replacing Home button and most probably the connector as well, is not a job for naïve and nervous. Buttons and jacks are easily available online, but think twice before actually going on to do it yourself. As your phone is practically inoperable without its Home button, you may opt to take the chance yourself.

iPhone Frozen Touchscreen

Touch screen is probably the best feature offered by your iPhone. However if you are having trouble with it, entire usage experience could be ruined. It may sound repetitive if we say Restart your phone, reset your phone, update iOS software by tuning into iTune and restoring your phone as a new one after synchronizing it. But the matter of fact remain that these actions will most of the times resolve any of the issues and act as your first line of defense.

However if you still have to live with the frozen touchscreen, it could be because of broken hardware. Recall if your phone was dropped lately, in this case connector may need replacement. You can replace the connector yourself as there is a lot of online material available to help you out. However it is better to consult Apple support especially if you are done with warranty.

If connector replacement does not give you the normal screen back it might be because the screen itself is damaged. Screen replacement is also something that you can do yourself but again consulting Apple support is advisable. Replacing the screen or connector both require you to open the phone and it will permit the Apple people to refuse your warranty claim.

iPhone’s Cracked Screen

If your screen is cracked due to mishandling or any other reason, this may well be the pinnacle of the iPhone problems. iPhone4 are especially reported to have many cracked screen issues lately. If the reason for damage comes under the warranty term the Apple support will replace it for you, and it is rather a quick operation. However iPhone warranty does not cover all the accidental damages. In this case replacement or repair charges are your responsibility, not Apple’s. In certain cases Apple will refuse to attempt the repair or replacement. In such cases as a last resort you can acquire the services of professionals or even try your engineering skills to replace the screen all by yourself. Online is always at your side if you decide to help yourself for this.

Compatibility issues with 3G/3GS and iOS 4

Assume you are using an older iPhone and thinking that by only installing and upgrading to iOS4 you can reap the benefits of new phone, then you are terribly mistaken. Apparently upon upgrading you can see the newer options of latest iPhone, without spending your dollars for new handset. However the reality hits you when you start using the phone. A common complaint for this setting is that 3G& 3GS iPhones responding terribly slowly phone reboots abruptly every now and then along with many other problems.

As a cure for this you may try to upgrade to latest iOS, current version is 4.2. However if the upgrade doesn’t solve your problem you can try others listed below.

Disabling spotlight searching can result in boosting up the speed of your phone. To do this, first visit Setting menu, then General. Now selection of Spotlight Search is required after choosing Home Button. Once you are there, disable all the associated options and Exit the menu.

You can also restore your phone via iTunes. It needs to be remembered though that first synchronizes the phone & iTune, in order to protect your data. Restoring it as a new Phone may also be needed in most of the cases.

If still facing with the issues, unfortunately the new iOS is not for you. You can go for a new iPhone and see how much maximum you can get for the older one. If not replacing, then you can chose to revert to older working iOS, though Apple itself does not appreciate it. Online resources are there offering demos for you to downgrade your iOS. There is a good chance that your phone will begin to malfunction even more after the relegation. Carefully analyze if this is mandatory and you cannot at all live with the little troubled new iOS.


You must have observed by now that most of the issues could be resolved by

1.      Restarting

2.      Resetting

3.      Updating iOS via iTune

4.      Restoring as a New One.

So make sure that you try all these options before actually getting worried about your handset. Also taking the phone to Apple representative and support is better comparing to taking it to any 3rd party or attempting to repair yourself.

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