Simple Things Every Computer User Should Learn

It does not matter how good or bad you are with the tech side of a computer, as a computer users you should know certain things. Below you will find some things that you, as a computer user should know how to take care of. Things like, how to deal or avoid different virus, using the keyboard shortcuts and how to keep a backup of your data. Even If you have mastered one of the followings, there is still a chance you could learn more.

10.) Setting up a Simple Backup System

You should always back up your computer. It only takes a few minutes to set up a backup system. Once you set it up, you don’t have to worry about it, as it does all the things but itself and when you need it, it will be ready. If you want to back up your data to an external drive, you can use the build in tool of your computer like the Apple Time Machine or the Windows Backup. Though this method can be easy to use, but it will only safe you if your Pc fail but If your pc gets stolen or something horrible happens to your computer, you will lose all the important date like your photos and documents forever. It is recommended that you use services like Crash Plan to have a back up of your Pc online. This method will back up all your data, whether you are at home or not and your data will always be safe.

9.) Doing Things Faster By Using Shortcuts

A computer can do things faster compared to a human being. By using shortcuts you can make the computer work even faster. For example if you want to find a specific word in a document or a web page, instead of looking for the word yourself, you can simply press Ctrl + F and enter the work you want to find. There are lots of other short cuts that you can use and do your work a bit faster. For example, Ctrl + S will save work, Ctrl + P will print out a copy or by pressing Ctrl + T you can open up a new tab in your browser. At first it might seem like a lot of work, learning and remembering the short cut keys but once you get used to them, all your work will go much faster and smoother.

8.) Protecting Yourself from Viruses

 As a Windows user, you might already have some experience in dealing with viruses and malwares but they are quite easy to remove and avoid. It is recommend that you learn the difference between simple viruses, a Trojan and other different types of attacks. Once you have a bit of knowledge, you should now install an anti virus. You can also install an anti virus on your Android device. Still, the best way to evade a virus attack is to use your common sense like you should never install any program offered by unknown source, you should also avoid links which look suspicious and if you see a window telling you that your Pc is infected, before clicking it, you should make sure that it is your antivirus and not some fake page. 

7.) Setting up Your Own Network and Fixing Wi-Fi Related Problems

The understanding of modems, routers and other things in your network sounds like a lot of work, even with little basic knowledge you should be able to fix almost all of the problems. Like, if your router keeps on resetting, you should make sure it is not overheating or getting over used. If your Wi-Fi range or speed is less than needed, you should try out some simple tricks to boost it up.

6.) Keeping Your Batteries Long Lasting As Possible

It is quite frustrating when you run out of battery on a laptop or a smart phone, but by tweaking a few settings you can make your battery last longer. On all laptops there is a built in setting that you can use to same power and battery life. You will also find some settings on your iPhone or Android smart phone that can make your battery last even longer. You should also note the battery run time and charge it up, before it is full drained.

5.) Accessing Your PC from Anywhere

Sometimes when you are out and you realize that you left some important document or file in your Home Pc. This problem can be solved by using a service like Drop Box, so you can access your files anywhere you like. Apart from this, you should also learn how to control your home PC remotely. By using a simple program you can easily log onto your home Pc and use it like it is sitting on your desk.

4.) Keeping Your Computer in Shape by Doing Regular Maintenance

Over the last few years computer maintenance might have gotten a little confusing for a non tech user, with things like cleaning up temp files, defragging and many other different tasks. With a little knowledge and the right tool you can maintain you Pc very easily without getting confused. You should check out different online guides for maintaining your Windows or Mac computer. You can also find guides with information on Android and iOS.

3.) Instant File Sharing Between Two PCs

If you want to share a file with your friend who is on the same network as you but you can’t find the flash disk drive, well you don’t really need it. You can easily transfer a file between computers that are on the same network, it does not matter if the network is wired or wireless. The Windows 7 home group feature lets you share files easily. You can also use Drop box app or any other service like that.

2.) Easy Ways to Find Stolen or Lost Gadgets

Sometimes you may misplace your smart phone, laptop or any other tech device; you should set up a safe guard on your devices. On an iPhone you can use a feature known as Find My iPhone. This is quite easy to use and it will track your iPhone in case you lose it. You can also use an app like Prey. This app can track almost all the smart phones or laptops; it even takes a photo of the person who is using it. If your camera is missing, you can use a service known as Camera Trace Server.  You should also make sure that all of your data is locked and secure.

1.) Keeping Your Personal Information Safe and Secure

Sadly internet s not always the safest place and you should always keep your personal information safe and secure. The first thing you should do is use a strong password; you should also remove any of your personal information from your photos and any other file. You should never use an open public network without having protection. Also check out some of the simple and easy online guides on how to keep your information safe. 

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