Simple Tips to Take Care of Eyes while using Computer

Iphoto © 2006 Ryan Johnson | more info (via: Wylio)We are living in a digital world , spending a large portion of our time on digital equipment. During this time we are mostly looking at computer monitor , laptop , screens of other gadgets like mobile phones, smart phones, etc. Our dependence on these digital devices has increased with each passing day. However , we hardly think of learning about taking care of our own two important digital devices that help us take maximum benefits out of all these gadgets. These two devices are our two eyes. With these simple five tips for better health of your eyes in a digital world , not only you will be taking care of your health but you will also remain more productive if your eyes are in good health.

1. Suitable Environment:

Try to use a larger monitor or screen. That will reduce strain on your eyes while using it. Also try to have good comfortable chair with reasonable back support. The more comfortable you will be , less strain your eyes will have to bear. Position your chair closer to your computer.

2.  Soothing Lighting

If you plan for reading on monitor for an extended period of time , switch your monitor to reflective lighting scheme. But this is only one part of the equation. A good balance of lighting in your room is also as important. Too much lighting will be irritating for your eyes whereas too little lighting in room will strain your eyes. Your desk lamp should not shine in your face . If you need it , it should throw its light on your desk and not on your face. Computer screen position should be such that it minimizes reflections coming from windows or overhead lights. Window lights should be on your side or back and not in front of you .

3. Comfortable Reading Angle

It is recommended that your monitor should be around 24 to 28 inches away from you. And when you look on the monitor , its center level needs to be 4 -6 inches below from level of your eyes when sitting upright. Dont forget to adjust brightness and contrast levels that are comfortable for your eyes.

4. Text Magnification

If you have issues staring at smaller text or images , try to use magnification level that is comfortable for your eyes. It will help your eyes from strain while squinting. Almost all devices support this magnification feature , so try to take benefit out of it for your eyes only.

5. Take Breaks and Blink

Your eyes need to take break to recharge themselves. Try to follow 20-20-20 rule which means that you need to look away at least 20 feet for a 20 second break after every 20 minutes of work on monitor or screen . Dont just keep staring at screens . Try to develop a habit of regular blinking because this is a natural process of washing your eyes therapeutically. For those wearing glasses , try to get hold of proper lenses for using on computers.

By following these tips for taking care of your eyes while using computers and other devices of digital world , you will be helping yourself remain healthy and more productive for longer.

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