Which Sitemap Generator is Best

sitemap-generatorSitemap has gained a lot of importance especially relating to SEO benefits after Google formally started using XML sitemaps for facilitating its search engine indexing of websites. What is a sitemap and what are the benefits of using a sitemap have already been explained in another post on this website. In short there are two benefits, improved navigation and search engine indexing. And there are two types of sitemaps: html sitemaps which are for humans and XML sitemaps which are for search engine consumption.

It is a tedious process to create sitemaps. Therefore, you will essentially need to use a sitemap generator for generating sitemaps for your websites. WordPress users are in a lot of luck because there are numerous plugins available for generating sitemaps. By making use of a sitemap generator, the creation of sitemaps is only a few clicks away. However, it is important that you use a reliable plugin for this purpose because otherwise, you might get a wrongly generated sitemap which might not serve your purpose. Given below are top 10 sitemap generators available for WordPress users.

1. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

This is our personal favorite. It also allows you to create Google News sitemap as well which is essential for any websites that want to get Google News approval.

2. Yoast XML Sitemap

Another great sitemap generator plugin that creates one click sitemaps.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

4.Google sitemap plugin (XML)

5. XML Sitemaps

6. B2 XML Sitemap Generator

7. HTML Page Sitemap

8. Sitemap Generator WP

9. WP HTML Sitemap

10. Best HTML Sitemap

Make your choice of best sitemap generator and see your site getting indexed ever quicker.

Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

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