How Social Bookmarking Improves SEO of a Website

social bookmarkingSearch engine optimization of your website is an area which you will take a considerable time in understanding. There is a lot of confusion surrounding social bookmarking as an area for SEO. There is a general understanding among SEO experts that social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious can positively impact the SEO campaign of a website. Given below are a few reasons why social bookmarking should form an important part of your SEO efforts.

First of all there is no doubt about the fact that social bookmarking helps getting websites indexed fast. Search engine optimization is sometimes on a fast pace and you can not wait Google to index your website at a natural speed. One of the fastest ways of getting a site indexed is by bookmarking it on different social bookmakring websites. These websites are constantly crawled by search engines and they they find your link, they visit it for indexing too.

Social bookmarking also sends out social signals to search engines indicating to them that a content is popular and worth sharing. Google then takes this into account and treats social signals as a ranking factor. Some SEO experts, however, disagree that social bookmarking has any direct effect on site’s ranking in the search engines. However, they are of the view that a site may get backlinks benefit when people write about and link to a popular website on social bookmarking websites.

Some of the social bookmarking website give do-follow links which have undisputed SEO value. Therefore, those people who believe that social bookmarking does not have any SEO value because mostly the links are no-follow miss this point. Sites like Diigo and Scoop It give do-follow backlinks.

Most of the online businesses are niche focused. For such websites, targeted traffic is more important than a lot of traffic. People who will come to your website via social bookmarking channels are actually interested in the content. This might get you a lot of loyal readers which will help increase page views on your website and give you SEO benefit in the eyes of Google.

In short all the above factors lead to a better Page Rank. While ranking websites, Google considers incoming relevant backlinks from authority sites, social signals and visitors engagement. By spending some of your SEO efforts on social bookmarking, you can expect to see increased ranking in Google SERPs.

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