Sony NEX 5R Review

The new Sony NEX 5R is the first mirror less camera to have Wi-Fi and Play Memories Camera Apps made by Sony.


The Sony NEX 5R keeps to the same design as most other NEX camera. The shoulder straps hooks have moved up a bit like the NEX 7. The stereo microphone still sits on top, this position is most favored for narration but not so good for interviews.

Just like the older version, the NEX 5R can be operated by using the hardware controls, while using the touch functions only when needed. The controls are the same as they are on other NEX camera. A dial with four position toggles and a center selector, the toggle can be used for direct access to display, drive mode, ISO and other options.


There are two buttons that change according to which mode you’re using. By default the top button launches the system menu and the bottom button can be configured with 20 different options. The power dials and shutter release button are up top with the video recording and playback button.

On the bottom of the NEX 5R you will find the battery compartment which is shared by the SD card slot as well. Unlike other NEX cameras, this compartment can be accessed without removing any mounts and it also means that it is much easier to change the SD card. The NEX 5R uses the same battery as other NEX camera and they can be interchanged without any issues. On the left side you will find a micro USB slot and an HDMI port right below the Wi-Fi logo.

Picture and video quality is outstanding even with higher ISO settings, the output is wonderful. The automatic settings like white balance do a perfect job of taking snap shot with accurate result. The Noise reductions function like multiple shot in a night time or low lighting setting reduces noise without messing up the sharpness of the image.


Sony has hardly changed anything in the user interface, which means you would have to do a lot of digging around to find simple options like formatting your card or changing the focus mode. A few minor adjustments have been made to the top menu. If you have used any other NEX camera the interface would be really simple to use for you.

The biggest addition to the user interface is the Application section. This is the first time Sony has added an option for you to add apps to the camera. The apps like Direct Upload to Facebook and Sony site, Smart Remote Control and Picture Effect+ come preinstalled while apps like Photo Retouch, Multi Frame and Bracket Pro can be downloaded.




To sum it all up, the new Sony NEX 5R is a promising new camera by Sony. The Wi-Fi is a nice addition to the NEX model and with improvement focusing and shooting performance, the new Sony NEX 5R lives up the NEX series.

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