Space & Bandwidth Requirements Of a Website

These days every website hosting service provider is bragging about practically unlimited disk space and bandwidth. End users or website owners are wildly running after such deals without actually realizing what are actual bandwidth requirements.

Reasonable Space Requirements:

Unlike the website offers your website space requirements are usually very nominal. Even if you are running an ecommerce based website, still your content in not bound to go beyond 50 megabytes. Easier way to determine your space requirements is to collect your files that you are planning to have on your website in a folder, right click on that folder and check how much memory that data is occupying. This is it; this is all the space you need. Add few more MBs considering future needs.
Reasonable Bandwidth Requirements:

It is extremely essential to realize that like space requirements bandwidth requirements are also not that much.  Crudely speaking bandwidth is amount of data that is transferred to and from your website during activities like visiting the website, downloading something and uploading something. Unlike the claims made by many webhost advertisements, bandwidth requirements for a reasonable sized website never exceed 1 GB. To make things simpler regarding bandwidth requirements let’s assume each webpage on your website is of 20 KB size approximately. Mind you it is not underestimate if you average is taken of mostly visited pages. Now 1GB bandwidth means that there could be more than 50K hits on your pages. An average user visits 3-4 pages on your website. So counting all the factors it means thousand visitors each month. If you are not running YouTube, this is quite enough.

So you have seen your real disk space and bandwidth requirements, now you know you don’t have to pay more money for the space & bandwidth you don’t need.

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