Speed up Firefox with Three Simple Tips

Firefox is a great browser but it is also notorious for slowing down over time. Websites start to take more time in opening and general browsing becomes a headache with slow speed.If you are also experiencing slow speeds and trying to speed things up , here are three very simple tips that can speed up your Firefox browser:

  1. Clear Downloads List: When you download something , it gets downloaded but an entry is also created in your downloads list. Over a period of time , we just download files and do not clear download list. This can cause a slow down when you try to download another file because this download wastes quite a few seconds before the new download starts. So you just click Clear List after opening the Download by Ctrl+J . The next time you will be downloading a file , you will see the noticeable speed difference with which the download starts.

  1. Remove Any Previous Versions of Java Console: Java is installed to access websites that need java platform. But java keeps updating itself which is a good thing. But what is not good is that it does not deletes Java Consoles that it installed with previous versions . They keep on adding up after every new update of java Console. If you open your Addons by clicking on Tools and then Addons , you will find several versions of java consoles in extensions. You can easily delete previous versions of Java Console and retain only the latest version. Java Console is a debugging tool for programmers and an average user will not be needing this anyway.

  1. You may also have noticed that Firefox does not switch to the new tab that you open and keeps you at the original website. This defeats the original purpose of having tabs which was to speed up things and save user time which he wasted by opening new windows of Firefox.Opening of tab manually wastes a few seconds. You can configure Firefox settings to automatically switch to new tab that you open instantly. Go to Tools>Options>Tabs and then check where it is written When i Open a link in a new tab , Switch to it immediately. Click OK. Now every time you will be opening a link in a new tab , Firefox will switch to that tab immediately.

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