What Factors Make a Squeeze Page Convert

create-squeeze-pageWe begin with an introduction of what is a squeeze page actually? It is a landing page for visitors on your website which is used to capture email addresses of potential customers or subscribers.

Elements of a Good Squeeze Page

The name itself gives it away that in a squeeze page there is an element of subtle yet forceful intention to get the prized email addresses. In short this is a trap which is set in a guise.

A good squeeze page is a clear kind of ultimatum for the page visitor to either take the offer or leave the page with an unsatisfied mind. This take or it leave the page intention should be very visible from the squeeze page.

The squeeze page should have the least content above the fold to give prominence to the main offer which you will be using to entice the user to part with his email.  More content will distract the user. The offer should be valuable enough to force the visitor to surrender his email address to you.

Good Offers for a Squeeze Page

Some of the most useful offers for a squeeze page are  e-Book, Report, Email course, White paper collection, free software, Templates or Design tools etc. It will be wrong if you ask for an email in exchange for allowing the visitor to watch a video. People are used to watching free videos and they are less likely to give in their email for watching a video.

The best offer is Email course for the reason that you can build a solid relationship with the user by sending in easily digestible information in small chunks. By offering an email course will give your offer a less spammy look and perfect case for opt-in emails for your squeeze page.

How to Create a Squeeze page

There are three options to create a squeeze page.

1. First of all you can create it manually much like you create any landing page.

2. You can make use of a Squeeze Page Generator. There are many tools and software available in the market that help you create excellent squeeze pages without minimal effort or coding skills.

3. If your website is WordPress based, which it most likely is, you can use any of the renowned WordPress squeeze page plugins like WordPress Easy Sign Up Plugin etc.

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