How to Stop Comment Spam on WordPress Blog

You might have noticed that spammers are all powerful when it comes to spamming your posts with comments that include links to shady websites and businesses. These comments are a nuisance because you have to moderate this. If you have set your blog to auto-approve all comments then your website will soon have thousands of spammed comments. Moreover, more spammy the comments are on your website, more suspicious search engines become of your website and this may affect your rankings. 

But here you can only adjust the settings so that the spam comments do not appear on your website immediately but are held in moderation. Given below are the settings which you should set so that comment spam does not instantly appear on your WordPress blog. Do remember to check the checkboxes for the following:

  • Email me Whenever:  Anyone posts a comment
  • Before a Comment Appears: Comment must be manually approved

stop comment spam wordpress


wordpress comments settings

In addition to the above also set the limit to one for any link in a comment. When someone posts a comment with a link in it (which is a characteristic of comment spam) that comment will be held for moderation. 

However, even with this inbuilt spam protection in WordPress you can not only hold back comments from appearing on your WordPress site without your permission. But still you can receive thousands of emails for moderation of spam comments. 

In order to ensure that non one can post spam comments you need to install a WordPress plugin called Akismet. Just Install this plugin and get the Akismet API key and fill it in settings for the plugin. What this will do is that it will not let spam comments be posted to your website and will intercept all spam comments on your blog. 

akismet key


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