Super Tips For Better Scanning Your Pictures

This is the era of digital photography but still we sometimes need to use scanners to scan old family pictures. In order to get the best results out of your scanner , use these tips to scan your pictures:

  • Strike a balance between time available for scanning and the quality of scanning. Better scanning quality will invariably require more time.
  • Depending on your desired quality , invest in a good scanner if you need better quality. MFP ( multiple function printers ) are generally tuned towards scanning documents.
  • When given the option , choose the TWAIN driver because it will always give you better scan settings and better quality scan of your old pictures.
  • When you are not sure of which settings to choose in a scanner or you are pressed for time, always use Auto Mode. It will mostly give your quite reasonable quality .
  • You can play with the advanced settings of your scanner and scan the same picture with different scan options to get at the best scan quality .
  • Use the color restore option in your scan utility. Most of the scan utilities offer this option. This will restore the colors in faded pictures and save you a lot of time that you will be otherwise spending in editing through Photoshop or other image editing softwares.
  • Before scanning the old pictures , blow away dust from these . It will take a lot less time than image editing softwares .
  • Use the batch mode for scanning a lot of pictures. Modern scanning utilities have batch scanning capabilities and will save all pictures in separate files .
  • Pick the right resolution for your scanner. If you do not have any plans to enlarge the picture or print it , then 72 ppi resolution is more than enough for viewing on screen.

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