Surface Tablet (Windows RT) Review

surface-tablet-windows-RTSurface Tablet is the newest tablet by Microsoft. It comes with a docked keyboard. Microsoft aims to take over the tablet market with Surface and Windows RT.

The Surface Tablet has a non glossy finish that feels durable and solid at 10.8 x 6.77 x 0.37 inches and display screen is 10.6 inches, which is bigger than most tablets. The size and display is made bigger to have an enchanted Windows RT experience.  It weighs 1.5 pounds, even though it’s almost the standard table weight, it feels a bit heavy.

At the bottom of Surface Tablet you will find a big magnetic connector which provides data connectivity and power to the keyboard cover. On the lower right is another magnetic connector for the charger. Since this is not a USB charger, it chargers the device much faster.

On the right you will find a full size 2.0 USB slot and a micro HDMI slot, blow these is the right speaker. The other speaker is on the left side with 3.5mm headphone jack and a volume rocker. On the top is the power button. On the back side behind the folding kick stand is a micro SDXE port. The sound output is not as loud as other tablets but its quality is great and clear.

By using the kick stand you can make the tablet stand like a normal monitor and watch a movie. When the tablet is combined with the keyboard it becomes a perfect laptop with a standing display screen. This kick stand is a wonderful thing that can convert a normal tablet into a laptop.

The 10.6 inches display of Surface Tablet has 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. For most people the pixel count might seem low for a 10.6 inches display but it is not an issue, since the Surface has Microsoft Clear Type sub pixel rendering technology that can smooth out any jagged edges.

The Surface also has an optically bonded display, which means that the LCD and the touch screen is a single layer and the whole front section is cover in Gorilla Glass. The optically bonded display makes the display panel thinner, reduces light refraction and gives perfect viewing angles.

The normal keyboard is 3mm thick and made out of polyurethane. At first the typing might be a bit hard but once you get used to the feel, you will start to enjoy the typing experience. Microsoft says that it may take about four days for you to reach your max typing speed on this keyboard.

The Touch Cover is pressure sensitive and comes in five different colors. The Touch Cover is Surfaces other keyboard. At first you may have to get used to the pressure sensitivity, but once you get used to it, it becomes very easy to use.

The keys on both keyboards are well spaced. Just like a normal keyboard, the F and J keys have the small indentations on them. Microsoft has made the spacebar a bit bigger than normal, which gives the keyboard a nice and comfortable feel. Both keyboards have touch pad which supports two finger scrolling.

Surface Tablet is powered by Quad Core NVIDIA Tegra T30 Chip with 2 GB RAM. The tablet takes 24 seconds to fully boot. Opening, closing and switching apps is smooth and fast. The performance is good and fast with zero lag or delay. The battery life is also good; the battery will last for nine hours and 35 minutes with nonstop video playback while having Wi-Fi enabled.

The Surface runs on Windows RT, which is the tablet version of Windows 8. Both Windows RT and Windows 8 look the same, it’s hard to tell the difference. Sadly you cannot run the Windows 8 apps on Windows RT and there are no apps written for Window RT yet. So you would have to work with the reinstalled apps.

To sum it all up, Microsoft has made a tablet that looks and feels different than most tablets on the market. The Surface has an excellent design, even the keyboard looks beautiful. Though the fact that there are not many apps made for Windows RT yet, is a little draw back.

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