Tabmemfree Frees Up Memory By Unloading Old Chrome Browser Tabs

'Google Chrome Logo' photo (c) 2008, Randy Z - license: great deal of RAM can be consumed by open Chrome Browser tabs, even when you are not using them. TabMemFree unloads tabs that are not in use after a specific period of time and that frees up memory.

If you are the type that keep tabs open within the Chrome browser probably because you intend to go back to them later, you can use TabMemFree to prevent them from using up most of your system’s resources. All you have to do is get it installed and then add a timeout value (for example 20 minutes), and once twenty minutes elapses, it will unload all tabs that has not been in use within that period. Sadly, using the extension presents some difficulties, which is an indication that it has some flaws. When tabs are unloaded, you will not be able to see what used to be on them, all you will see on them is the extension’s icon. Additionally, because the tabs are unloaded, any media that might have been playing in the tabs will be lost (for example if you make use of Google Music) or if you have entered text into a form ( which is something that can be taken care of with Lazarus Form Recovery. Adding an option to disregard tabs from a particular domain is something users would like to see, but it is hoped that the developer would continue to improve the extension. Even though it is no match to BarTab, the Firefox web browser from which it drew its inspiration, TabMemFree will definitely help you free up some memory, and that is a good enough reason for users to be interested in it.

TabMemFree is a Chrome  browser extension. You can get it free of charge here.

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