The Finest Linux Screen Capture Tool

screen capture for linuxThere are very few tools for taking screen capture for Linux, but that is really no problem because with Shutter and its many features, you could not get a better Linux screen capture tool.

Features of Shutter

  • Take screen captures of a website, an active window, the whole screen or a part of the screen.
  • Snap screenshots in only one or two keystrokes using customizable hotkeys.
  • Numerous integrated options for selecting the default format, directory, compression level, and other features of a picture.
  • Integrated editor plus annotation features such as shapes, arrows and text.
  • Web publishing via Ubuntu One, FTP server or external services such as Flickr (through another application), and ImageShack.

Its Strong Points

It is not difficult to use Shutter as a Linux screen capture tool even though it has several features. Its design is superb, providing a simple method to take screen captures of a website, a particular window, a part of the screen, or the whole screen by clicking a single button. The captured image can be cropped and annotated using an integrated editor, and it can be distributed to a number of external services. You will find lots of tools in the options menu with which the tool can be customized the way you like it. In a nutshell, it is a very powerful Linux screen capture tool for taking screen capture for Linux, and it competes favorably with similar tools on Mac and Windows.

Its Shortcomings

On the whole, Shutter is splendid. Its main shortcoming is that it cannot support several external services. You can get Flickr integration via another program, however apart from ImageShack and the Flickr integration; you have very little other options if you wish to share your images via this Linux screen capture tool. It could have been better if it possessed a few additional hotkeys, but the numerous options it has still makes Shutter the best screenshot program available.

Competing Products

Shutter is about the best  Linux screen capture tool. Lookit is a new application that is presently in beta. This new tool introduces a few good features to GNOME 3 Shell and Ubuntu Unity, such as taking a screenshot by clicking the dock icon with the right mouse button, or support for notifications in Unity. It simply cannot match Shutter’s features, but people who use Ubuntu may like it.

Apart from that, you can also try the default Linux screen capture tools for KDE and GNOME. These two are quite good if you want something basic. The two are fast and gives you all the easy choices you may want, such as including a cursor, introducing a delay to the screen captures, and so forth. If shutter is the finest Linux screen capture tool, the others can also be used to achieve good results.

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