The Importance of Making Recommendations in Your Posts

making recommendations

geralt / Pixabay

So you have managed to bring a visitor to read a post on your website by using promotion channels like guest blogging, article marketing, SEO, social media or paid advertisements. The first element of success of a website that you actually start getting visitors to read content on your web pages. But what you can do to make your website a sticky one? How can you make these first visitors to spend more time while reading more content on your website and get these to take the step of signing up to your email list for updates and perhaps buying something later on?

One positive way of doing this using internal linking to connect your readers with the other content on your website that might be of interest to them. As you keep creating newer content for your website, there are increased chances that you might have already covered the topic under discussion with a different angle or you might have expanded on an existing post on your website. So it will be a total waste if you do not link other content within your website which is similar to the one the reader is already reading. By internal linking you get two benefits. You not only are directly encouraging users to read even more content on your website but also helping search engines to index more pages on your website.

However, this does not mean that your internal links should be too many. As a general best practice, your internal links should be few and the links that are leaving your site should be even fewer. But it is also important at the same time that you do link to content internally when it is required. If you keep your total number of links per page upto 60, you should be doing quite fine. But it is highly likely that your total links are way less than this limit, so you might need to do some work.

One good use of internal links is making recommendations to the visitors of your website about what else is available on your site that might be of interest to them. This means, they will stay longer on your website, they will read more content on your website and this will bring them closer to executing your call of action. And one sure way of increasing your page rank is editing your existing pages and add recommendations to your readers. It becomes a lot easier to know what you should be linking to, if you keep an organized track of your content on website. And this can be done better if you have a comprehensive content strategy.

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