Three Computer Security Tips You Cannot Afford To Ignore

computer security tipsThere are so many computer security tips out there that if you try to pen down all the ones you can remember, you will most likely come up with a list that is very long. A close examination of that list may help you understand that the majority of these hints can be split up into groups. This article presents three computer security tips you cannot afford to disregard.

Other methods of protecting a computer such as encryption in the mode of virtual private networks or HTTPS, ensuring that a wireless router uses the newest encryption and not one that is weak or none, or protecting the PC against local attacks, are not considered in this article.


One very essential security hint is to ensure that the software that runs on your computer is constantly updated. It is very important that you update your operating system, as well as other programs installed on your system. You should update all programs whether they are third party or first party applications.

Users of Microsoft Windows can update their systems using automatic updates. Automatic updates is already enabled in every copy of Microsoft Windows, so there is no need for you do additional configuration.

Once in a month, Microsoft makes available security patches, and if there is need for it the company will also release critical patches.

Conversely, software can be split into two categories. The first group includes programs that have update checks plus installations, while the second group includes programs that do not. Web browsers such as Google and Firefox fall into the first group because they update automatically while a program like CCleaner which does not update automatically belongs to the second category.

Some programs such as Personal Software Inspector from Secunia were specifically made to scan a computer for software that is out of date, and let the user know the result of the scan. These kinds of programs make use of program databases, and that is an indication that they do not include every program that runs on the computer.

Essential Hint: Ensure that the operating system running on your computer is not out of date. Other programs needs to be updated also, particularly the ones that link to the internet.

Security Software

All applications that have to do with securing a system are broadly classed as security software. This comprises browser add-ons, security suites, antivirus software or firewalls.

Different users recommend different types of security software, however all users agree that every computer should have a firewall plus antivirus software running in it.

The firewall could be a software firewall such as Windows Firewall; you will also find firewalls made by a third party such as Online Armor Free or Comodo’s Firewall. Hardware firewall also exists like the one incorporated in a modem or router. Most security suites come with firewalls also, and you will find commercial firewalls that are usually sold alone.

Antivirus software comes in different types also. Some of the popular ones include Avast Antivirus Free, AVG Antivirus free, Microsoft Security Essentials, plus commercial suites such as Norton 360 and Kaspersky Internet Security.

Additional protection can be provided for your PC and browser by installing certain browser add-ons such as the extraordinary NoScript for Firefox

Essential Hint: Your computer should be protected from threats by installing at least one firewall and one antivirus software.

Common sense

Some professionals state that as regards computer security, nothing else is as important as common sense. There is no doubt that one must employ common sense when guarding against computer threats, however many people agree that common sense alone cannot take care of all the threats.

If you employ common sense, you should not commit stupid blunders. You find an email in your inbox and it has an exe attachment. Common sense would stop you from opening the attachment, or you can at least examine the file before opening it. Additionally, common sense should stop you from responding to any email from Google or PayPal requesting for your credit card information, username and password.

If you are using your common sense, you will know that responding to that email fromNigeriapromising to make you rich if you can only make a little upfront deposit. Also, experience has a role to play here. If you have heard about how other people have been duped through scams like this, then you will have a good idea of how to shield yourself when you meet one.

Essential hint: If something does not seem right, you need to be very cautious. You can log on to websites like Virus Total to check files before you open them.


You need to take adequate measures to protect your system now that attackers and hackers are becoming more sophisticated. If you are not already implementing any of these computer security tips, it is time to start doing so.


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