Three Ways to Infect Your Own Computer With Virus

Three Ways to Infect Your Own Computer With Virus:

Yes it is true. Most of the users infect their Computers themselves with viruses. The reason is lack of awareness and basic computer security training and knowledge. Whenever a computer is alive and working , whether online or offline, it is exposed to hosts of dangers like viruses , trojans , backdoors , adwares, spywares , Rats, Stealers, keyloggers and the list continues. In this brief article i am going to write and explain three most common ways that a user ifects his own computer with a virus or other unwanted programmes and softwares. Similarly i am going to give you certain tips in the end on how to avoid infecting your own computer with virus. So the three ways to infect your own computer with virus are:

1-Exploits : Not updating Computer:

No software or for that matter no computer system is programmed to perfection. There are always bugs and exploits in operating system and other softwares that run the computers. The vendors of these softwares constantly update their systems and softwares whenever a bug or exploit is found or reported. Therefore it is critical that you follow update recommendations of the vendors and keep your operating system and softwares updated. Here is video explaining how an exploit can be used by hackers to infect your computer with your own hands and clicks.

2-Installing Scareware ( Fake Antivirus Programmes):

Hackers are constantly devising new ways to trick the general users. And they work on human psychology. They have let loose hundreds of fake antiviruses on the internet which are infact viruses themselves. So a novice computer user is infecting himself when he installs these fake antivirus softwares with the intention of protecting his computer. Here is a video explaining how fake antivirus programmes and softwares work and how they trick general users into infecting his own computer with virus. Watch this video.

3-Habit of Clicking everything on screen :
General users are in habit of clicking and double clicking all files , icons and whatever computer dialogues ask them to do. This generally leads to infecting your own computer with viruses because not all files are good files and not all softwares and programmes are good useful programmes. So one should not click haphazardly and recklessly because that may lead to some dangerous file being clicked that will in turn infect your own computers with viruses and Trojans and other dangerous programmes. Here is a video explaining how reckless clicking can easily land  you into a virus inside your computer.

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