Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites in 2014

Torrent sites are among the most popular medium for finding information on the internet these days. Despite all the troubles and allegations related to copyright infringement torrent sites still remain very popular and have many advocates too. Given below is the list of top 10 torrent sites of 2014. The ranking is based on the popularity of torrent sites:

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay and bitTorrent are synonymous with each other. The site was founded almost a decade ago but still it continues to live on as the most popular torrent site even after many legal troubles, domain hops and lately ISP blockade. The PirateBay has more than one billion page views a month. 

2. KickassTorrents

This site was founded in 2009. It has moved from its to due to a looming domain seizure. However, the site continues to grow even after ISP blockade in the UK.

3. Torrentz

This is a different torrent site than other sites in that it does not host torrent files. It just redirets users to other torrent hosting sites on the internet. There are many domain extensions but .eu is the most popular one. 

4. ExtraTorrent

The site has gained in popularity but it has brought it to attention to the MPAA who termed it one of the top pirate sites and the site has recently shifted from .com to .cc after its suspension by the domain registrar. 

5. YIFY-Torrents

This site was unheard of three years ago but today it is the top movie piracy brand on the internet. This has resulted in the court ordered ISP blockade of the site in the UK.


This is a kind of niche site when it comes to top torrent sites because it just focuses on TV releases. Due to seasonal nature of TV series, it traffic keeps fluctuating. 

7. 1337x

This is a top torrent site that claims to be more focused towards community. The site is also currently on the block list of large UK ISPs. 


This site was launched two weeks after the closure of by the authorities in October. The site has copied design of the old, though it is not related to the previous site. The site has millions of page views every month. 

9. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is arguably one of the largest bitTorrent indexes on internet with a total index size of 21,437,061 torrent files. With the growth in the number, the site continues to receive the DMCA notices in bigger number too. 


It started as a Bulgarian tracker but together with, this is the only top torrent site that is not blocked in the UK, which is the reason for its popularity perhaps. 


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