Top 10 SEO pitfalls to avoid

Figuring out what must have gone wrong with your Search Engine Optimization may not be so easy, they do not occur instantly; ineffective SEO is a result of consistent mistakes being done unknowingly or if one has been using Black Hat SEO techniques. The reasons could be many, but here is the Top 10 SEO mistakes which generally people tend to overlook.

Top 10 SEO – Poor Content, Wrong Keywords & Keyword Stuffing

Among the Top 10 SEO mistakes, these three are the most commonly made mistakes. It starts with choosing the wrong keywords, which were probably not the right keyword word or well researched ones and it might not be relevant to your products and services. Using such keywords / phrases to develop articles or web content can add further damage and ultimately, if you have been using it too often resulting in keyword stuffing, than  you have just identified the root cause of your downfall.

Top 10 SEO – Title Tag repetition, Not Cross Linking & lack of Authority

If you could not find any of the mistakes stated above from the Top 10 SEO initial pitfalls, this is time for you to move on with more serious scrutiny. As site mapping is important for a good SEO so is Cross linking, this is a method in which relevant pages are linked together within a website. Title Tag repetition or using a wrong Title can also confuse the search engine bots to know what the pages contain.

Top 10 SEO – Invaluable Backlinks, Paid Links & URL structure, Missing ALT Tag

The last set of  Top 10 SEO mistakes often in lie in the quality of backlinks you have maintained, check if you have relevant backlinks or enough backlinks or not. Discontinue the use of paid links facilities to increase backlinks, as they will add no value, instead Google Panda updates will just filter you out and it will make a big difference if you are dumped by the most popular search engine.