Top 10 Web Hosting Providers of 2015

top 10 web hosting

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There are numerous sites on the internet that have top 10 web hosting lists but most of the lists have been made randomly without any background enrollment and ranking details. And there are so many of these that the users are sure going to be overwhelmed with the options, especially when all the sites are recommending the same top 10 web hosting companies.

In a departure from the norm, we are going to disclose first the basis on which we have ranked these web hosting companies and included these in the top 10 web hosting providers of 2015.

You should not be making the choice of web host randomly because it is a single most important decision that can make or break the future of your online presence and business. The top 10 web hosting we have listed below is based on research and consideration of the following factors which are at the heart of any quality web hosting:

Technical specifications

The first thing a website owner needs to evaluate and judge for himself is the amount of disk space required and the bandwidth. The top 10 hosting providers listed below offer all kinds of hosting solutions. They also offer unlimited plans but these are not like the ones by third grade web hosters who crowd in thousands of clients on a single machine. These hosting companies offer scalable solutions, so you will see your hosting supporting you as your website grows and the requirements are increased.

The second thing we have kept in mind that these hosting companies should support all kinds of hosting. So whatever the requirement of your website will be, these hosting providers have the operating system to support it.

The next most important factor against which these web hosting providers have been evaluated for inclusion in the top 10 web hosting list is the reliability and availability. Uptime, which stands for the availability and is very important element of reliability of a web host, has been kept in mind. All of these web hosting companies provide more than 99 percent uptime on average.

Daily backups, firewalls and easy to use graphical control panel for end users has also been evaluated as a criteria. And of course security was also a consideration because your website is as secure as the web server your web host is hosting it at.


While cheap pricing should not form the sole criteria for selecting a web hosting company but you should also be getting value for money. Therefore, cheap web hosting was also on our mind while making this top 10 web hosting selection. But not at the cost of quality at all.


A key consideration was the support the web host provides because web hosting a technical field and new comers do require the assistance of their web host for a variety of task. The responsiveness and quality of support provided by these web hosts is also top notch.


And who will mind having extras included in the price of regular hosting. So we also ensure that these hosting providers have extras on offer like one click script installation etc.

So based on the above criteria here is our list of top 1o web hosting providers of 2015:

  1. Dreamhost
  2. HostGator
  3. BlueHost
  4. Linode
  5. A Small Orange
  6. inMotion Hosting
  7. Rackspace
  8. Nearly Free Speech
  9. 1&1
  10. StableHost

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