Top 5 Free Web Hosting Services, Fast and Reliable

free-web-hostingIn this age of social media, there is still a lot of room for having your own web pages and web sites. And thankfully you can find many services offering free web hosting. Almost all of these services offer easy to use dashboards and control panels to facilitate you in hosting your website on these free web hosting sites.  And the sweet thing is the sites that we are going to list below allow free web hosting.

Free web hosting is advisable only if you have a personal small website to host which does not have any special business value for you because of different restrictions these free web hosting services place on the user. Most of these sites make their costs from serving ads on your pages. It is therefore essential that you find such service which is without ads because these unwanted ads will ruin the beauty of your website.

There are certain hosting companies that offer free domain hosting which means that you can park your domain on these free web hosting services for free without paying any additional cost. Free domain hosting sometimes also means hosting which gives you free domain as long as you remain with that hosting company.

If your website will be dynamic and database driven then you will require a free web hosting that supports PHP and MySQL.

However, before deciding to use free web hosting, you should be very clear of the disadvantages of this as compared to the advantage of zero cost. Once you make up your mind , then here is the list of the top five free web hosting services that you can use.

Please keep in mind that these free web hosting services sometimes die though we will try to keep this list updated to reflect the top existing free web hosts:

1. Zymic

( 6GB Storage, 60GB Bandwidth, No Forced Ads)

2. 5GBFree

( 5GB Storage, 20GB Bandwidth, Ad Supported)

3. 000webhost

(1.5GB Storage, 100GB Bandwidth, No Forced Ads)


( 40MB Storage, 0.5GB Bandwidth, Ad Supported)


(250MB Storage,  6GB Bandwidth,  No Forced Ads)


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